Recognize the signs of sleep deprivation

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Lack of sleep is not always marked by the emergence of sleepiness during the day. Could be, you feel fine and not sleepy, but the following signs indicate that your mind and body is actually in a state of fatigue.

Suddenly forgot the name of another person

Experts have not found exactly why lack of sleep (usually enough sleep is 7 hours) causes memory loss. "But, this could be due to a decrease in performance in neurons and synapses, thereby allowing information to be delayed," said Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, DO, MS, director of the Sleep Center at the Cleveland Clinic. It will also cause you difficulty remembering origin - the origin of man and pronounce words with no clear articulation.

Jeans are often used to feel cramped

Sleep disorder can make you crave junk food, because the part of the brain that usually remind you to not eat ice cream or junk food stops performing its role in the evenings. In the 2013 study researchers University of California at Berkley using brain scanning in people who are sleep deprived, to demonstrate increased activity craving high-calorie foods in the area that controls appetite. At the same time, lack of sleep also increases the activity of the cortex, the area that governs decision-making. This is what explains why researchers say that their lack of sleep for 30 minutes, as many as 17 percent are obese.

Note: When you dress or jeans you already feel uncomfortable, then you are trying to lose weight, but the numbers on the scale does not move, this could mean your sleep time is still problematic. Because, burning body fat will decrease when the body is tired, said Joanne Getsy, MD, medical director of the Drexel Sleep Center, Philadelphia.

Irregular monthly cycles

These hormones regulate the menstrual cycle usually issued in accordance with circadian rhythms. If you always lose hours of sleep, which should be released menstruation schedule will be a mess. This then will make your periods are irregular. "You may be periods at the beginning of this month, but next month it could be backed up, and the next month go back again in the beginning of the month. The normal cycle of 28 days as no longer valid, "said Getsy.

Note: irregular monthly cycle can also be caused by stress and other conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome. If your sleep schedule has been fixed and the menstrual cycle has not improved, immediately consult with a gynecologist to find other problems in the body,

Aches and pains feel more painful

A study of sleep in 2012 found that people who slept 10 hours for four nights, the pain can last from about 25 percent longer than those who always less sleep. This shows that lack of sleep reduces pain threshold. In fact, there is the possibility of lack of sleep increases inflammation and contribute to pain. According to the researchers, this applies also to the joint pain.

Note: Psychological factors as depression can also increase the pain, or the presence of diseases that have long appeared to be going to worsen due to sleep deprivation. However, if the sleep time and sleep quality has been fixed, but there was no change in the pain that is felt immediately consult a doctor.

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