Garlic Benefits and Side Effects

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Garlic Benefits and Side Effects
Previously have discussed the benefits of onion and the risk, if you do not know please go to this link the benefits and risks of red onion, may be beneficial to you and can also add your insight. Garlic is a plant of Allium gene which has a Latin name Allium sativum L. Plant part used is the tuber, usually for seasoning traditional cuisine. Just like onion are both described as a mismatched couple who must be present as a food flavoring.

As seasoning mandatory for almost all cuisines, surely you find garlic every day in the kitchen. Garlic is needed as basic ingredients for virtually any Indonesian cuisine.

The benefits of garlic a lot that we can feel for everyday life. Garlic belongs to the family of tubers. Garlic is often known as a spice in cooking and is famous around the world. Which makes this herb popular is its ability to prevent cancer.

In addition to widely used as a spice in cooking, garlic is also known to have efficacy in treating various diseases. Chemical compounds found in garlic are good for health.

Nutritional content Garlic

Garlic is able to become a traditional medicine because it is embedded in a lot of nutrients that have a special ability to maintain the health of the organs in the human body.

Here is a list of nutrients in garlic are quoted from the site

    Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
    Niacin (Vitamin B3)
    Vitamin A (Beta-carotene)
    Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
    vitamin B6
    Folic acid (Vitamin B9)
    Vitamin C

All of these nutrients will be extracted into a property that is so healthy for the body.

Here are the benefits of onions covering:

1. Lowering Cholesterol

In your body there are two types, namely LDL and HDL cholesterol. HDL levels are good for the body, whereas LDL is very harmful for the body. Excessive levels of LDL dapt cause strokes and heart attacks. One way to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol is to eat garlic. Garlic contains allicin which helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

2. Overcome throat problems

The benefits of garlic next is as a remedy in addressing diseases of the throat. to cope with itching in the throat, chew a piece of garlic or can be applied together with apples and juice worte. This can help reduce the odor that is very disturbing in garlic.
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3. Lowering blood sugar levels

Many consume garlic, automated production of insulin in the blood also increases. Garlic is very well taken by the narrator diabetes.

4. Overcome toothache
The benefits of garlic latter is to cope with excruciating pain, that toothaches. The nature of garlic between; aon analgesic properties, antibacterial and anesthetizing, which can help cure a toothache.
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5. Prevent Cancer

Garlic has anti-cancer properties and simultaneously boost the immune system. Garlic prevents the growth and development of cancer cells.

6. Prevent infection

Nutrients found in garlic include vitamin C, B6, allicin, potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, and flavonoids. These substances prevent problems common infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

7. Treat Acne

The benefits of garlic for beauty, is its ability to eliminate acne commonly grown in the skin. Take garlic and then cut or crushed by means pounded, and then paste the garlic on the acne. Garlic has antibiotic properties and also contain compounds that are useful to clean the blood.
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8. For the heart

Garlic is also known to have a cholesterol lowering efficacy in the body and blood pressure, so it is good to maintain the health of the heart organ. Garlic helps prevent stroke, problems in the blood and heart disease.

9. Preventing blood clots

Naturally garlic has the ability to clean the virus and free radicals in the blood. Consumption of garlic prevent thinning of the blood to cleanse the arteries and veins. Smooth blood circulation and keep you out of the blood clotting problem.

These are some of the side effects of garlic may happen that you need to consider in the quotation from the site (Source: WebMD).

The side effects on the skin, if you use it to peel, garlic is very "dangerous" if you apply too thick because it would cause such a scorch mark.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Garlic is LIKELY SAFE in pregnancy when consumed in reasonable amounts. Garlic may not be safe when used in large quantities in pregnancy and lactation. No information is reliable enough about the safety of using garlic when pregnant or breastfeeding.
Children. Garlic may SAFE when taken by mouth and right for the short term in children. But garlic may not be safe when taken in large doses. Some sources suggest that high doses of garlic can be harmful or even fatal to children; However, the reason for this warning is not known. There are no case reports provided significant side effects or deaths in children associated with eating garlic.
Bleeding. Garlic, especially fresh garlic, can increase bleeding.
Digestive problems. Garlic can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal (GI). Use it wisely if you are having problems with digestion or stomach function.
Operations / Surgery: Garlic may cause bleeding. Stop eating garlic at least two weeks prior to scheduled surgery.

All the benefits of garlic can feel continuously if regularly consumed. In earlier discussions there is a command to eat garlic raw, if you do not like can process it became a medicinal herb or a spice in cooking.

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