10 Tips to Overcome Natural Dry Lips And Broken

Monday, July 11, 2016

Tips to Overcome Natural Dry Lips And Broken
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Natural tips to overcome dry mouth - For women the lips is one of the important factors in supporting performances. So no wonder a lot of girls who have a collection of lipstick is very much up every day she has a different lip color. However, healthy lips is still the desire of all people both men and women. Often many are experiencing problems of dry lips are certainly very disturbing.

One part of the body that is able to attract the attention of others is lip. For every man and woman, lips like one complementary charisma that can improve self-confidence. But what happens when the body is experiencing problems such as dry or chapped. Of course the daily appearance become distracted and cause a loss of confidence. To overcome this, we summarize some of the ways to overcome the lips dry and chapped below. Through these means you will be guaranteed lips kembai beautiful and riveting.

What are the causes of dry lips and chapped experiencing them? There are many reasons why your lips get dry and cracked. However, in various studies mentioned that most of the young men suffering from perioral dermatitis, where they have a habit of constantly licking, biting and rubbing his lips. This paradox can certainly make the lips dry out faster and appear irritable, lips become rough and eventually become cracked lips sometimes itchy or visible cracks even in certain cases look black lips and stinging also peeling occurs to bleed. Especially if this is the case when the air is cold, because the article of cold air can accelerate the drying lips. In addition to cold air, hot air humidity also affect these lips.

Sometimes dry lips can be caused by too often mutually lipstick, lack of body fluids or dehydration as well as smoke. Well, you can try some tips on how to cope with dry lips with some natural ingredients below.

10 Natural Tips to cope with dry and cracked lips

1. Carrots
How to tackle next is the application of the inside and outside by carrots. Use grated carrots to massage lips gently. Drinking carrot juice to cure dry lips and nourish from the body. Drinking carrot juice is also very beneficial to health.

2. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is a natural substance that is able to overcome the last dry lips and chapped. The way is to take the meat / gel in the aloe leaf and apply to the lips evenly.
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3. Oranges
No doubt about the amount of vitamin C found in citrus fruits. Only by taking them directly or made into juice dry mouth problems can be solved at once able to strengthen the immune system.

4. Sugar
Sugar will help exfoliate dead cells from chapped lips, to restore softness with more cepat.Caranya: Mix two teaspoons of sugar with a teaspoon of honey, until soft. Then apply the mixture to the lips and leave for 3-5 minutes. Then, use your fingers to gently rub the mixture around the edge to loosen dead skin cells. Wash with warm water.

5. Coconut oil
Similarly, butter both efficacy and how the application. If you do not find the butter, coconut oil can be a safe and natural alternative.

6. Tomato
The content of vitamin C is very abundant in tomatoes would be very useful for health lips. Besides consumed, also use sliced ​​tomatoes to massage lips gently to become moist.

7. Cucumber
How to cope with dry lips next to cucumbers. Fruit and vegetables, this one gives a cooling sensation on the lips dry or chapped. Apply sliced ​​or grated cucumber on the lips until evenly distributed.

8. Honey
Besides delights, honey also has extraordinary properties for health. Even honey can cope with dry lips just by applying it to the dry lips.
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9. Rose
The roses in addition to beautiful, is also beneficial to cure chapped lips. These flowers will also help keep lips moist and enhance the great coloring. How: Wash cleanly rose petals in the water. Rose petal soak in milk for a few hours. Remat rose petals into a dough. Then apply on dry lips 2-3 times a day and every night before bed.

10. Lemon and Honey
In addition to the use of the honey, honey mixed with lemon juice can also be an effective drug to overcome the lips dry and cracked. Benefits of lemon that is to exfoliate the skin, and overcome the dead skin cells so the skin becomes clean again. You can use this method twice a day for maximum results.

Those are some natural ingredients that you can use as a way to overcome the lips dry naturally. Safer natural ingredients are used to moisten lips than products made from other chemicals. Hopefully the above healthy way to overcome the problem of dry lips and chapped that you experienced. Good luck.

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