Natural Tips to Overcome and Powerful Tonsils

Monday, July 11, 2016

Natural Tips to Overcome and Powerful Tonsils
Natural tips to overcome traditional tonsil - tonsils medicine could be an alternative to drugs in pharmacies and doctor visits. Swollen tonsils very disturbing daily activities, because it speaks to hurt and when the meal was great difficulty in swallowing food. Tonsils with a very severe level not infrequently lead on the operating table.

Many people only know, the only way that can be taken to eliminate the disease of tonsils is through medical treatment. However it turns out, does not necessarily have to always use medication given by doctors, because basically tonsils can be cured with a variety of natural materials and easy for you to meet.

Traditional medicine tonsillitis lime

Traditional medicine tonsillitis the first is the main ingredient lemon. Varian oranges that one is able reduces inflammation and infections that occur in the tonsils and cure tonsils with fairly good stage. Orange juice is also a storehouse of vitamin C are very good in keeping the immune system.

In making potions swollen tonsils traditional in this way need to be prepared is 2 pieces of lime and betel apur taste. Split into 2 parts lime and squeeze any excess. Combine the lime juice with water whiting. Drink this solution regularly with a dose three times a day.

leaves Benalu

Leaf parasite that often grows on other trees also have properties to cure inflammation of the tonsils. Which need to be prepared is Benal and fennel leaves pulowaras in portions sufficiently. After all materials washed clean, crushed leaves of mistletoe and fennel Pulo sane until smooth. Next is to pour hot water and strain to drink water when it is cold. Swollen tonsils traditional medicine drink this one on a regular basis and see the growth.


Besides having a very potent efficacy in lowering blood pressure, noni or pace also has properties to cure tonsillitis. Prepare two grains of noni already taken airnya.Tambahkan matang.Peras for pure honey to taste better. Drink this mixture regularly and wait, you will see the results are real.
Traditional medicine tonsillitis mangosteen rind

Lately, the mangosteen peel the star in the world of beauty. Well, besides good in your skin nutrition, mangosteen peel also has efficacy in curing several diseases one of which is to heal swollen tonsils. To how to make this herb also quite easy. Set up over 15 grams of mangosteen peel and mint leaf oil. Boil mangosteen peel with two bottles of water and wait until the remaining one bottle of water. Add a few drops of oil of mint leaves and mix well. Cool and put in the bottle or glass because you used to rinse your mouth for tonsil swelling. Do not drink yes, Remember! only to rinse.

A mixture of ginger, sugar and honey

How to treat tonsil naturally the latter is by consuming natural herbal ingredients which are made of a mixture of ginger, sugar and honey. Grate a few slices of ginger and brewed with hot water. Add the sugar and honey to taste. Drink this mixture every day until the swelling of the tonsils completely deflated as usual.

Red onion

Red onions have anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can relieve heartburn and inflammation that cause tonsillitis. How to remove tonsils naturally by using red onion, only need to peel the onion and chew it, then swallow. This will help you to heal inflammation of the tonsils.

Here's what you can do to help cure tonsillitis:

Break Enough rest is important for your body. breaks can help you restore your stamina and endurance of your body so that you are Suffering from tonsillitis that is not getting worse.

Avoid foods that are spicy and spicy foods and hot-Hazard is hot, will mempertparah condition of tonsillitis. So it should be avoiding the kind of food that is spicy and high fat, such as chili, fried, curry and other foods.

Consumption of soft foods - To have your nutritional intake is maintained, then you need to eat healthy foods, but the texture is mushy, soft and watery. You can try to consume fruit juice and vegetable juice, or you can also try the ice cream that could help cool the mouth and throat.

Drink plenty of water - Do not forget the white water. White water is very important for your body. water has the benefit of one of them is to prevent dryness of the throat and also to increase endurance, so as not to feel faint.

Similarly, an alternative way to overcome the tonsils without drugs. However, if the tonsils experienced severe cuku should still have to perform the checks to the doctor. Hopefully this article natural way to overcome amendel above can cure this disease until cured to normal. See also Natural Tips To Treat Toothache

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