Dates Benefits for Health and Pregnancy

Monday, June 27, 2016

Dates for health benefits - Dates is a type of fruit that comes from the Middle East countries, namely Saudi Arabia. Palm tree can grow in sandy soils with sufficient temperature extremes. In the country of Indonesia, dates also is a fruit that is widely consumed, especially during Ramadan. At the time of sahur and iftar dates are fruits which are consumed by the Muslim Ummah in a month full of grace. Because, in the palm there is the content number of nutrients that are beneficial to increase energy, maintain digestive health and can meet the nutrition lost during fasting.

Indonesian society is certainly very familiar with the palm fruit. In almost all regions in Indonesia can be found this fruit. Especially for people who are Moslem, palm fruit has become a staple food that should be there every month of Ramadan or during fasting. There are a few verses from the Qur'an and hadith that mentions of dates this one.

Dates are the fruit that comes from a palm tree Arecaceae family of the genus phoenix. The scientific name of this fruit is dactylifera phoenix. The fruit is believed to first found around the banks of the Nile and the Euphrates region. As for now, the palm fruit is cultivated in areas that have warmer climates, such as in Africa, Australia and the Americas. The benefits of palm fruit is very much at all.

Not only good for consumption and provide a number of benefits for the health of the body, it turns out dates also have a good benefit for pregnant women. Everyone must know that pregnant women need more nutrition than women who are not pregnant. Due to meet the nutritional intake for pregnant women can make the mother and fetus to be healthy.

Fresh palm fruit has a soft fibrous flesh and has a very sweet taste. The meat of this fruit has a sugar content as simple as the type of fructose and dextrose that can be easily digested by the body and can quickly restore the body's energy. With the characteristics of the benefits of dates like that it is very suitable as iftar menu.

This fruit has many nutrients that are important and beneficial to the body. Dates are mature have sugar content of 80% and the remainder consisting of fat, protein and other mineral products, such as iron, copper, folic acid and magnesium. Dates also contain lots of fiber and also as a source of potassium. Five point palm fruit weighing approximately 45 grams of 115 calories and almost all of the calories came from carbohydrates.

During pregnancy, a woman is always advisable to run a healthy lifestyle that is the way a lot of rest, eating the food - nutritious beverages, not lazy to move, do not smoke and do not consume drugs. One type of intake of nutrients that should be consumed by pregnant women are vegetables and fruits.

Citing information from, a palm fruit that can be consumed by pregnant women because it constitutes a source of nutrients for both mother and fetus. The content consists of a source of minerals and vitamins. The mineral content contained in dates include potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium and iron. As for the content of vitamins in it consists of vitamin A, vitamin K, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin.

Given all of the nutrient content, it is not surprising if the date has benefits for pregnant women. To know more clearly the benefits, know the following information about the benefits of dates for pregnant women. Some of them are taken from the source

Dates Benefits for Pregnant Women

Maintaining Healthy Bones and Teeth
Calcium, phosphorus and other minerals contained in the dates is very beneficial for the health and development of the fetus. Because the mineral content in the palm of the role is to facilitate the formation of bones and teeth of the baby. The mineral content are also needed by pregnant women to avoid the disease of bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

Feeding fetal brain
Dates contained in the folic acid content which can be used to educate the fetal brain and assist in the formation of the fetal brain to be more perfect.

Preventing and Treating Anemia
Because it has a sweet taste can be ascertained that there is sugar in dates. Sugar contained in the palm fruit can be used to prevent and treat anemia or lack of blood that is often experienced by pregnant women.

Improve Digestive System
When a pregnant woman will often experience indigestion problems such as constipation and bowel obstruction. To overcome this can be done by eating dates for nutrition in it has the ability to launch the digestive system.

Can Increase Energy
Glucose content contained in date benefit to improve and increase energy in the body, especially for pregnant women. The reason, pregnant women require more energy to do activities.

Stimulate Brain Nerve
One of the mineral content in the palm, which is potassium can be used to stimulate the nerves of the brain that functions to increase the intelligence of the brain and can be used to sharpen memory.

Benefits of dates for our health, among others are:
- Preventing blurred vision
- Increases blood pressure decreased with less soaking palm fruit into pure milk which is then added with a little clove.
- Strengthening the function of the stomach
- Strengthens liver function
- Treating diarrhea
- Streamlining urination
- Tighten the muscles are slack
- Provides protection against the occurrence of stroke and coronary heart disease because of the palm fruit is no potassium content is an important part of the body fluids and cells to be able to control blood pressure and heart rate.
- Strengthens the uterus that can help simplify the process of childbirth
- Increase energy so as to eliminate fatigue after doing a lot of activities
- Contains vitamin A-rich with antioxidants that can keep your eyes healthy, keep skin healthy and protect us from lung cancer - lung and oral cavity.

Therefore all, pregnant women are advised to eat three palm fruit each day. When bored to consume dates directly, make the processed palm that has a delicious taste like a fruit salad mixed with palm, palm juice, cake palm, palm juice and others. See also bananas ambon benefits for pregnant women

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