Olive Oil For Skin and Beauty

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Olive Oil For Skin and Beauty

Olive oil for skin and beauty - Olive oil results if the olives into an extract that has a myriad of benefits for health and beauty either used internally and externally. Various companies engaged in the field of cosmetic beauty not a few who introduced products processed olives.

World health is becoming about the talks from the past until now. Lots of researchers and physicians who conduct research in order to benefit from a discovery, what is its effect, and how it is used. All that is done for the benefit of society in general, and specifically to prevent or cure various diseases. One of the findings that successfully is becoming a consumer society that benefits of olive oil.

Olive oil is currently the use is often used as a food ingredient. Many who use olive oil as an additional menu in a diet program they were doing. Olive oil itself is the result of the extraction of fruit or olive seed, captured the oil. Olive oil is currently one of the pioneers of the trend of a healthy lifestyle, because it has a low cholesterol content, and low in fat.

The benefits of olive oil is not doubt its efficacy, is made from the olives are processed in a well, the oil is ready for use. Olive oil is usually used by women, among the very real usefulness is to use it to the skin.

Other content that is also present in olive oil are Vitamin E, functions for health and beauty is caring for the hair to be more healthy as it continues to receive a supply of nutrients from the outside.

Here are the benefits of olive oil for skin and beauty

Remove dead skin cells

One of the problems that interfere with your beautiful appearance is the condition of the dead skin cells that cause stains and spots on your skin. nah, to eliminate and remove dead skin cells, you can take advantage of the olive oil. With the lifting dead skin cells

Brighten and refresh the skin

Olive oil is able to provide a refreshing effect and relaxes your skin, particularly on facial skin. By using the benefits of olive oil for the beauty of the face, the skin will be able to feel the freshness, and its effect can brighten your face. When your face is already bright and radiant, so automatically, naturally beauty will shine from your face, which will certainly boost your confidence.

Eliminate the signs of aging, especially on the face

Beauty issues more often to the attention of the women is a problem of aging or aging. Typically, the condition of aging or aging showing symptoms - symptoms of the skin feels dry and rough skin wrinkling.

Remove bags under the eyes

Olive oil also has a very good benefit to remove bags under the eyes. Bags under the eyes is very influential on your beauty, because it is difficult to camouflaged or covered with makeup. But by applying olive oil on a regular basis, then the eye bags will be gone well, and restore the radiance of your beauty.

Radiation from ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet light is dangerous if frequent contact with skin. Exposure to radiation of ultraviolet rays can cause various skin disorders
You can take advantage of the olive oil to be sunscreen. By doubling the sunscreen of olive oil, then you'll be protected from the dangers of ultraviolet rays that threaten the beauty of your skin.

Moisturize skin

Dry skin is one thing that can reduce the beauty yourself. Therefore, you can rub olive oil on your face and massaged so refreshing effect, and can keep the moisture of your skin. By prudently moisture from your skin, then you will always look beautiful and radiant.

Keeping the skin moist thoroughly

Not only on the face, turns olive oil can also be used to moisturize the skin thoroughly. The skin condition that dries the body would greatly interfere with your appearance, because will cause rough skin and tend to be scaly. You can rub olive oil on the skin of your body so that your skin moisture can be maintained.

Maintain healthy skin naturally

Olive oil also contains nutrients that are very important for the health of your skin. Remember, the skin requires optimal nutrition and good health for always awake. By using olive oil, then the health of your skin will always be maintained, and the problems - skin problems can go away from your body.

Overcome Oily

Excess amount of oil on the face can worsen the appearance of a person, therefore it is essential seek healthy solutions to no longer experience the problem.

The main steps that you can try is to use a mask made from a mixture of olive oil and sandalwood powder. If you can do when the face feels tired, let the mask stick to 15 minutes in length. Last wash your face to remove the mask using cold water, pat dry with paper towels or face pat using your palms.

Overcoming broken skin breaks

The first benefit of olive oil is olive oil can solve the problem, cracked skin that hit yourself. Usually, cracked skin may occur due to dry skin and lack of nutrition. By applying beauty benefits of olive oil for skin that has cracked on a regular basis, then you will be able to address the concerns that your appearance is very disturbing.

One thing is very common, that the findings of the olive oil. Olive oil has a variety of benefits that are very dear to miss. So, better to use olive oil regularly for health, especially for the health of the skin that is being coveted.

The benefits of olive oil are just a few, if you've been using for a long time would know more related benefits granted by the body. To the other day, if you have never tried treating the body with olive oil, start right now and hopefully this article useful for you, See also benefits of olive oil for beautiful hair.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Beautiful Hair

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Benefits Of Olive Oil For Beautiful Hair

Benefits of olive oil for hair - In hair care, can be obtained from olive benefits for hair. That is, a need for a treatment of a hair. It aims to protect and maintain the hair, in order to be in a desired state. Especially in the use of olive oil as a natural choice. Simultaneously you will have the benefit of olive oil for hair.

What woman does not want to look beautiful all the time? Definitely all women want it, because basically women is a manifestation of beauty and beauty. In order to remain always look beautiful, every woman should always take care of his body. One part of a woman who also needs to be considered is the hair, good for women who are not veiled and veiled women because hair is a beauty asset that needs to be maintained its beauty.

For hair care, the best way is to use olive oil. In its use was fairly easy, without the need of other treatment devices. A pretty rub the scalp and hair, evenly.

To maintain the beauty of the hair can be done with care, both modern treatment by going to a beauty salon or do natural treatments using natural ingredients. Hair care is naturally preferred by women because it is easy to do and does not require a lot of expenses. One type of natural hair care that can be done is by using olive oil.

Olive oils provide diverse benefits, have presented the best protection, especially in the hair. Until the benefits gained so wonderful for the growth and development of hair. Whether it's for both men and women hair. Moreover, as the herbal content that does not cause side effects. Surely you are safe to wear, for beautiful hair you have.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Troubleshooting Dandruff
Because it can be used to moisturize and nourish the hair, olive oil can be used to overcome the problem of dandruff.

Nourishing Hair and Scalp
Rubbed olive oil on your hair regularly is useful to nourish the hair and scalp to be more healthy.

Can nourish hair
Nutrients found in olive oil or olive oil can be used to fertilize allowing hair to be quickly grow long and bushy.

Can Moisturizing Hair
If you have dry hair, as the solution regularly use olive oil for nutrition in it can be used to moisturize the hair.

Make Visible Shiny Hair
The content of each nutrient contained in the olive oil can be used to make hair healthier, softer and more lustrous look.

nourish Hair
In addition it can be used to solve various kinds of hair problems, olive oil can also be used regularly for treatment.

Reduce hair loss
Further benefits of olive oil, which can be used to reduce hair loss gradually so as to avoid the problem bald hair.

It is advisable to use olive oil regularly, ie at least twice a week after shampooing. However, it is not advisable to use it excessively as it will make the hair becomes visible limp because of too much moisture.

Excessive use olive oil can also make hair quickly dirty because of dust and pollution can be attached to every strand of hair.
Olive oil or olive oil is easy to find as they were sold in bottles in supermarkets, stores and mini markets nearby. For the price is priced at an affordable price depends on how much content. Therefore, we no longer need to bother looking for the olives to process them into oil.

The most important thing to do before using olive oil as a hair treatment, first make sure they have been using pure olive oil without chemical mixture. Olive oils that have been mixed with chemicals will only damage the hair because it will make the hair become dry, dull, red, branched and easily broken. Ensure that already bought the olive oil in the right place and trusted in order to get the fullest benefits of olive oil. See also benefits potato for face

Love Your Body With Healthy Food

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Love Your Body With Healthy Food
Healthy Food - Of course the food we consume every day to meet our nutritional intake and daily energy will greatly affect the activities and daily routine. Believe it or not that if we daily consume healthy foods will impact very well against us mute because of the energy we get from these healthy foods will help us in the activity.

Food is something that must be fulfilled by all living beings humans are no exception. With the food consumed each day, humans can live and perform a variety of activities as well as various work routines. But on the other hand, not all the food is good for your health. If we are not careful in choosing and consuming various types of food, then certainly the downside risks to health and various diseases can arise without ever we want. There are many different types of healthy food was very good and loved by your body.

By eating healthy foods with a good diet, of course, will give you a quality of ideal body. Since most people are eager to get the ideal body shape and you can make these tricks to get a slim body ideal addition to the barengi with sufficient exercise.

Unhealthy food is certainly a lot of kinds and types. Sometimes healthy foods will have adequate adverse effects to the body, if consumed in excess anyway. In fact, sometimes there are also unscrupulous food traders mixing of hazardous substances into the food it sells. Ha certainly can poison the body slowly. For this reason, began to pay attention and choose makana healthy is the main thing to do.

The food is quite popular in the outcome there could have been a say in the rice out there. Wheat is usually used as a basic ingredient of bread, in addition to the benefits of wheat can also be used as a healthy food for diet. Wheat alone in it there are vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin E and enriched fiber.

The next is a healthy food that should be consumed. This is because, carrots are very good for preventing stroke can strike suddenly. In addition, the content of beta-carotene in carrots is very good for the health of your eye organ.

The first healthy foods are soy, soy turned out to contain a lot of omega 3, iron and calcium which is of course very good for the growth of teeth and bones. For vegetarians, the food is very popular. Many preparations can be made with basic ingredients such as eg only soybean tempeh, tofu and soy milk healthy beverage.

Fruit is of course synonymous with abundant water content. In addition, watermelon is also a source of vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene has a double benefit in the body that help prevent heart disease and able to ward off some types of cancer that can invade the body.

This is one of the healthy foods that are also very good for your health. The fiber content is high enough and low soluble carbohydrate will be very effective for preventing diabetes.

The next healthy food is the food that we can get in the sea, as the salmon's life in the sea. Healthy food that one is very closely associated with seafood, because salmon can say as a popular seafood. The amino acid content of omega 3 is very high and the protein contained in it is very good for health, especially salmon is a food low in cholesterol.

Food this one can also be used as a substitute our staple food is rice, Because The ancients Also been made potato as a staple food. Some of the vitamins contained in healthy food potatoes are vitamin A, B, E and C. In addition, it turns out sweet potatoes are Also a healthy food that is low in calories.

You can eat healthy foods this one new moment in the quotation or in other words are still fresh blueberries. Fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C is good for endurance.

Almond nut
As a healthy food source of fiber and protein, almonds in value as healthy food is certainly very good for our bodies. Besides being rich in fiber and protein, almonds are also rich in vitamin E, magnesium and iron. If you're running a program blood money then you should avoid almonds already in the feed sweets because it will make your blood money program failed.

Fruit in trust as the fruit of an antidote to cancer is a healthy food rich in vitamin C. Apples also can combat the disease potential of cholesterol and if you want to get the benefit of this apple to the fullest, we recommend

Healthy food this one is the food was not liked by the children, whereas the benefits contained in broccoli is very good for the health of our bodies. Some of the content contained in broccoli is potassium, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A. Do not cook too overcooked broccoli so that we get the maximum benefit.

Red beans
For business-rich foods high in magnesium, iron, protein, fiber, phosphorus, minerals and vitamins, red beans can count on. Healthy food that is usually made in the course snack or soup tastes very good.

We must have been very familiar with this one vegetable, the article easily we can get spinach is around us. Turns spinach healthy food is very good for the hair and also the content of iron, magnesium, vitamin C and A are very good for our bodies.

A few articles that discuss a collection of healthy food at the best value for our health. Good food is a healthy food that contains a lot of protein, high in fiber and it contains high moisture content. What if the food healthy food meets the criteria above, then most of these healthy foods are foods in which there are minerals and vitamins are very high which is very good also for the health of our bodies. See also benefits bananas ambon and nutrition

Dates Benefits for Health and Pregnancy

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Dates for health benefits - Dates is a type of fruit that comes from the Middle East countries, namely Saudi Arabia. Palm tree can grow in sandy soils with sufficient temperature extremes. In the country of Indonesia, dates also is a fruit that is widely consumed, especially during Ramadan. At the time of sahur and iftar dates are fruits which are consumed by the Muslim Ummah in a month full of grace. Because, in the palm there is the content number of nutrients that are beneficial to increase energy, maintain digestive health and can meet the nutrition lost during fasting.

Indonesian society is certainly very familiar with the palm fruit. In almost all regions in Indonesia can be found this fruit. Especially for people who are Moslem, palm fruit has become a staple food that should be there every month of Ramadan or during fasting. There are a few verses from the Qur'an and hadith that mentions of dates this one.

Dates are the fruit that comes from a palm tree Arecaceae family of the genus phoenix. The scientific name of this fruit is dactylifera phoenix. The fruit is believed to first found around the banks of the Nile and the Euphrates region. As for now, the palm fruit is cultivated in areas that have warmer climates, such as in Africa, Australia and the Americas. The benefits of palm fruit is very much at all.

Not only good for consumption and provide a number of benefits for the health of the body, it turns out dates also have a good benefit for pregnant women. Everyone must know that pregnant women need more nutrition than women who are not pregnant. Due to meet the nutritional intake for pregnant women can make the mother and fetus to be healthy.

Fresh palm fruit has a soft fibrous flesh and has a very sweet taste. The meat of this fruit has a sugar content as simple as the type of fructose and dextrose that can be easily digested by the body and can quickly restore the body's energy. With the characteristics of the benefits of dates like that it is very suitable as iftar menu.

This fruit has many nutrients that are important and beneficial to the body. Dates are mature have sugar content of 80% and the remainder consisting of fat, protein and other mineral products, such as iron, copper, folic acid and magnesium. Dates also contain lots of fiber and also as a source of potassium. Five point palm fruit weighing approximately 45 grams of 115 calories and almost all of the calories came from carbohydrates.

During pregnancy, a woman is always advisable to run a healthy lifestyle that is the way a lot of rest, eating the food - nutritious beverages, not lazy to move, do not smoke and do not consume drugs. One type of intake of nutrients that should be consumed by pregnant women are vegetables and fruits.

Citing information from manfaat.co.id, a palm fruit that can be consumed by pregnant women because it constitutes a source of nutrients for both mother and fetus. The content consists of a source of minerals and vitamins. The mineral content contained in dates include potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium and iron. As for the content of vitamins in it consists of vitamin A, vitamin K, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin.

Given all of the nutrient content, it is not surprising if the date has benefits for pregnant women. To know more clearly the benefits, know the following information about the benefits of dates for pregnant women. Some of them are taken from the source disehat.com.

Dates Benefits for Pregnant Women

Maintaining Healthy Bones and Teeth
Calcium, phosphorus and other minerals contained in the dates is very beneficial for the health and development of the fetus. Because the mineral content in the palm of the role is to facilitate the formation of bones and teeth of the baby. The mineral content are also needed by pregnant women to avoid the disease of bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

Feeding fetal brain
Dates contained in the folic acid content which can be used to educate the fetal brain and assist in the formation of the fetal brain to be more perfect.

Preventing and Treating Anemia
Because it has a sweet taste can be ascertained that there is sugar in dates. Sugar contained in the palm fruit can be used to prevent and treat anemia or lack of blood that is often experienced by pregnant women.

Improve Digestive System
When a pregnant woman will often experience indigestion problems such as constipation and bowel obstruction. To overcome this can be done by eating dates for nutrition in it has the ability to launch the digestive system.

Can Increase Energy
Glucose content contained in date benefit to improve and increase energy in the body, especially for pregnant women. The reason, pregnant women require more energy to do activities.

Stimulate Brain Nerve
One of the mineral content in the palm, which is potassium can be used to stimulate the nerves of the brain that functions to increase the intelligence of the brain and can be used to sharpen memory.

Benefits of dates for our health, among others are:
- Preventing blurred vision
- Increases blood pressure decreased with less soaking palm fruit into pure milk which is then added with a little clove.
- Strengthening the function of the stomach
- Strengthens liver function
- Treating diarrhea
- Streamlining urination
- Tighten the muscles are slack
- Provides protection against the occurrence of stroke and coronary heart disease because of the palm fruit is no potassium content is an important part of the body fluids and cells to be able to control blood pressure and heart rate.
- Strengthens the uterus that can help simplify the process of childbirth
- Increase energy so as to eliminate fatigue after doing a lot of activities
- Contains vitamin A-rich with antioxidants that can keep your eyes healthy, keep skin healthy and protect us from lung cancer - lung and oral cavity.

Therefore all, pregnant women are advised to eat three palm fruit each day. When bored to consume dates directly, make the processed palm that has a delicious taste like a fruit salad mixed with palm, palm juice, cake palm, palm juice and others. See also bananas ambon benefits for pregnant women

Benefits Potato Face

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Benefits Potato Face
Benefits potato face - Potatoes are one of the foods that have carbohydrate content. As the intake of energy needed by the body potatoes can be cooked and processed into scrumptious food, such as french fries, potato chips, potato donuts, as a mixture of soup and so forth.

Besides being able to eat and have a high carbohydrate content, the potato can also be used as a face mask. Inside the potatoes are nutrients that can be used to solve problems with the skin. The nutrients contained in them, namely vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, potassium, minerals and much more.

Potatoes can be used as a facial mask to make the face becomes brighter and free from various skin problems. Ways of making potato mask is very easy to do, just like making a natural mask in general. Here's how to make a potato mask taken from the site manfaatnyasehat.com.

How to Take Benefits of Potatoes for Face
First set 1-2 potatoes, can be small or large
Peel the potatoes and cut small
Put it in the food processor, and puree the potatoes to become porridge / paste
Add other ingredients as needed, such as honey, olive oil, carrot or lemon
Spread the potato mask over the face except for the eyes, nostrils and mouth area
Let stand about 20 to 30 minutes and then wash your face using warm water
If used regularly and regular potato mask will give you the beauty of the skin is not unexpected. This is because the potato is the main ingredient that has many benefits for the face. The benefits of the potato's skin is as follows.

Benefits of Potatoes for Face

Skin Lightening
The content of vitamin C and vitamin E contained in potatoes can be used to lighten skin that appears radiant and white face flushed. Besides being able to brighten the skin, vitamin C and vitamin E, which also has the ability to black blemishes acne scars and black spots.

Smooth Skin
High vitamin E content in the potato can be used to smooth the skin, so the skin can be free of distractions such as acne, enlarged pores and blackheads.

Cleaning Skin
The fiber content in potatoes can absorb oil and dirt that accumulate on the face area. It is very useful to clean the face of excess oil content, impurities and dead skin cells.

Prevent Acne Growth
Because potato mask has the ability to absorb oil and dirt up into pri-pore, potato mask has the ability to prevent the growth of pimples, blackheads and can prevent skin dull as potato masks can make the skin look radiant.

Nourish Skin
Inside there is a high antioxidant content of potatoes that have the ability to counteract free radicals, so that the skin becomes healthier because spared from the effects of free radicals such as skin cancer.

Moisturize Skin
Essential oil content of potatoes can be used to maintain the health of the skin to feel soft, not dry and not easily wrinkled.

Skin Tightening
The content of flavonoids and potassium found in potato serves to tighten the skin so that it can make the face look younger.

To obtain maximum results and liking, apply masks potatoes regularly at least 3 times a week at bedtime. Be sure to use a mask to manufacture potato properly. Then, choose a good quality potatoes. Potatoes that have good quality and did not have a yellow green color. If there is a green color in the potato, it means that the potatoes have toxic properties that may not be used or consumed.

Although potatoes can provide benefits for the face, but the way it should remain balanced with the provision of other nutrients in the face to the nutritional needs required by the facial skin becomes balanced. Then, keep watch and take care of the skin in order to get a perfect natural beauty. See also coffee benefits for skin

Bananas Ambon benefits for pregnant women

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Bananas Ambon benefits for pregnant women

Bananas ambon for pregnant women - Who does not know this one fruit is banana. Has a sweet taste and the meat is solid and has many benefits. Besides bananas are very easily found and acquired. One type of banana mainstay of Indonesia in the Netherlands is the banana. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, bananas have many benefits for health, beauty and for pregnant women. Now we will discuss what it means to exist in the banana fruit for pregnant women.

Benefits of bananas for pregnant women:

Prevent and decrease swelling naturally
During pregnancy women experience swelling of the limbs such as legs. This is partly caused by insufficient potassium. According to an American study, they revealed that the fulfillment of the potassium levels in pregnant women can reduce the swelling that occurs during pregnancy.

Increased appetite of pregnant women
The content of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in bananas can help pregnant women to be healthy and have the desire to eat. Preferably daily pregnant women eat bananas, to always have a better appetite.

Getting a baby boy
Indeed, there is no certainty it is therefore beyond our control. However, according to a study conducted in Inggri, they studied 750 women who are pregnant for the first time and find the relationship between diet and the sex of the baby. In height levels of potassium, calcium, and sodium says will be correlated to form a baby boy. Well, the banana is a fruit that contains high potassium.

Boost the immune system
Many women during pregnancy decreases her body's immune system, because basically everyone has an immune system that is different. The content of vitamin A for pregnant women, vitamin B6, and vitamin C to pregnant women who exist on banana believed to increase levels of antibodies in the body to avoid the various kinds of infections and viruses. Not only that, there is a study that says that chemical compounds found in bananas could inhibit the development of the HIV virus in the body.

Helps the treatment of hypertension
For a patient of hypertension is recommended to consume bananas. Bananas contain potassium which serves to regulate heart function, blood pressure, nerve and muscle activity. In addition potassium compounds are also useful to regulate the balance of fluids and electrolytes, so that the blood pressure is always under normal conditions. Not only potassium, fiber content in bananas is also able to bind fat in the blood vessels.

The energy source
Pregnant women often feel weak and exhausted, therefore it is very good at eating bananas. Because the banana fruit has 3 types of natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. The sugar content can convert the energy very quickly.

Improve mood / Mood Booster
The content of vitamin B6 for pregnant women and tryptophan in bananas, have a very important role to form the hormone serotonin. This hormone serves to set the mood and calms the brain. Pregnant women are very vulnerable to emotional changes, to address this should banana consumption.

Relieves pain
Bananas can also be used as a herbal medicine pain relief in pregnant women. Abortion can relieve mild pain, such as joint pain or cause of frequent headaches that often occur in pregnant women.

treating anemia
Anemia or lack of blood is a disease which causes the sufferer to feel weak and listless. It happened because the number of red blood cells in the body under normal lines. The content of the benefits of iron for pregnant women in high enough bananas so good for anemia in pregnant women in particular by increasing the red blood cells in the body.

High folic acid content
Nutritionists highly recommend that pregnant women eating bananas especially bananas. It is said because the bananas are natural folic acid that is easily absorbed by the fetus through the womb. The benefits of folic acid is absorbed by the fetus serves to assist the development of the brain and spinal cord of the fetus. If a pregnant woman folic acid deficiency, it will lead to paralysis, brain damage, to be a great risk of miscarriage.

ORS can serve as a natural
Usually when a pregnant woman he lost a lot of fluid. In the conservative treatment, lost electrolytes will use materials that are salty. Well, it turns bananas can be experienced ORS because the content of potassium contained in the green banana. Not only is it by eating bananas can also condense the event of acute diarrhea stool.
Reduce nausea and vomiting

When the morning often feel nausea to vomiting, this occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, in other words the first 3 months. Bananas can be consumed at the stage of pregnancy for morning sickness reduced.

Banana can be taken every day for a reasonable amount and not excessive. Recommended a banana can be consumed as much as 1 to 2 pieces per day, can be consumed after or before a meal. Would say do not consume excessive bananas, because bananas have a calorie content of about 85-100 calories per fruit. It will cause various disorders such as obesity, lowering the endurance and increase the risk of diabetes. See also banana very good for pregnant women

Source : http://hamil.co.id/nutrisi-ibu-hamil/buah-sehat/manfaat-pisang-ambon-untuk-ibu-hamil

Benefits Bananas Ambon And Nutrition

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Benefits Bananas Ambon And Nutrition

Benefits bananas ambon - Banana is a fruit that is certainly no stranger to us. This fruit we can easily find and we get, like in the traditional markets, as well as in the yard of the house residents. There are so many types of bananas that can be encountered in our country. One is bananas. As the name suggests, banana is native of Indonesia. Currently, bananas have been widely cultivated, both in homes and in gardens. There are so many who love this type of banana, because it has a sweet taste that fits on the tongue.

Bananas are bananas, grown by the community. He became an alternative fruit is commonly used to wash the mouth. But do you know the benefits of fruit Ambon, the following is a benefit of a banana.

Reduce intestinal disorders
Banana has benefits for dealing with intestinal and stomach disorders, those who often encounter problems in the intestines and stomach bananas can be an alternative to overcome. The trick is quite easy to make banana juice with milk added regularly. So that stomach acid can be neutralized.

Treating liver disorders
If you have liver disease banana is a banana that is recommended for consumption. Consumption of 2 pieces of banana with 1 tablespoon of honey mixed every day. In this way are believed to help increase appetite and helps maintain stamina diabetics.

As Energy Source
Banana calories as 99kkal / 100 grams. So bananas contribute additional calories needed by the body during metabolism. Although it only contains fewer calories a banana can be used as an alternative when hungry stomachs.

Content of Folic Acid
Banana contains that folic acid is recommended for pregnant mothers. Folic acid is Necessary for the fetal development of the brain and spinal cord of the fetus. Folic acid deficiency can cause developmental disorders of the brain and spinal cord in the fetus. Which can lead to paralysis, brain damage and can lead to miscarriage.

treating anemia
Bananas ambon have iron content and Fe, the which are known to help in Anemia aspire. Bananas can help Often you who suffer from weak and lethargic, by increasing the number of blood cells in the body.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes
Bananas can also help in decreasing diabetes. This is because bananas contain simple sugars that are easily absorbed by the body, so that blood sugar can be controlled.

Lose weight
For those who are dieting to lose weight naturally, bananas can be one alternative fruit for consumption. Carbohydrate content in bananas will not take effect the increase in blood glucose drastically. And also a banana has a low fat content. and fiber in bananas can help you lose weight and speed up metabolism. We recommend the consumption directly.

Boost the immune system
Bananas contain Vitamins A, B6 and Vitamin C to boost the immune system, so it is not easily infected by bacteria and viruses. Based on the research also know do contain lectin in bananas can slow down development of the HIV virus.

Relieves pain
Bananas Ambon also can overcome mild pain in the joints or symptoms of mild dizziness.

Helps the treatment of hypertension
Treat bananas can help people with high blood pressure, Ambon fruit contains potassium, which are substances that help regulate body functions, blood pressure, nerve and muscle activity. Potassium is also useful to regulate electrolyte and fluid balance in the body that can make the blood pressure in the body to normal.

Digestive system
If you experience gastrointestinal disorders fruit bananas you can try to resolve the issue. This is Because bananas Contain Vitamin B-6 can also cope with diarrhea. If you have stomach acid problems banana sling IS ALSO a good fruit consumed Because it is easy to digest. Based antacid and research people who love to eat bananas will have a powerful digestive wall than with Reviews those who rarely ate bananas.

Maintaining eye health
Vitamin A is a substance which is very useful for maintaining eye health, and bananas have the substance.

Keeping memory
The content of vitamin B in the diet is very useful for maintaining memory, and bananas have adequate vitamin B is B6. so as to concentrate longer.

Adding to the mood and avoid stress
Serotonin and potassium is a substance that is also useful to create a feeling of being relaxed.

Face mask
Bananas ambon also useful for facial beauty, bananas can be used as a mask to beautify the skin. The trick ambond banana puree and mix with milk and use it to mask.

Preventing heart attack
Heart attack can affect anyone who does not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Heart attacks can be caused by many factors for heart disease, such as lack of flow 02 kejantung caused by narrowing of the arteries. Ambon Bananas contain potassium which is useful as a tonic that benefits the heart, and fiber contained in bananas can help lower blood cholesterol levels naturally. and Vitamin C contained in bananas and benefits of flavonoids in green banana acts as an antioxidant that prevents oxidation of fat that can cause disease jandung. See also Banana very good for pregnant women.

Banana Very Good For Pregnant Women

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Banana Very Good For Pregnant Women

Benefits of bananas for pregnant women - We all know that any kind of fruits have the nutritional content, such as vitamins and minerals needed by the body, one of which is a banana. Banana is a fruit that has abundant content of nutrients such as potassium, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B complex, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and others. Thanks to all the content in it, the banana has many benefits for the health of the body.

Not only that, bananas are also very good for consumption by pregnant women. All intake contained in bananas has the ability to tackle and prevent nuisance disease in pregnant women. For more details, please know the benefits of bananas for pregnant women taken from hamil.co.id. Here are some benefits of bananas for pregnant women.

Benefits of Bananas for Pregnant Women

Maintaining Bone Health mother and fetus
Bananas have considerable calcium content. The calcium content has the ability to maintain bone health and fetus. In other words, the calcium in the banana can prevent bone structural abnormalities in the fetus and can prevent bone disorders in pregnant women.

Boost Immune System
To boost the immune system or the system of pregnant women are encouraged to consume bananas in order to avoid the threat of diseases and disorders in the fetus.

Overcoming and Preventing Disease Anemia
One of the health problems that are often experienced by pregnant women is anemia or less blood. Anemia will give a bad risk to pregnant women and the fetus because it will cause complications during delivery and afterwards. To overcome and prevent anemia, are encouraged to eat a banana because it constitutes a role in iron to produce red blood cells.

Troubleshooting Indigestion
Inside there are banana fiber can be used to treat pregnant women indigestion problems, such as constipation, constipation and hemorrhoids. In addition, the fiber content in it also serves to nourish the digestive organs.

Reduce Morning Sickness
Pregnant women usually will often feel nausea and vomiting in the morning, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. The condition is called by the name of morning sickness, to reduce them can be done by eating a banana.

Nerves and help the development of fetal brain
Folic acid content contained in bananas serves to assist the process of nerve and brain development of the fetus. In addition, folic acid also serves to prevent premature birth and birth defects.

Prevent Sense Stress
In addition to the physical and hormonal changes, pregnant women will also experience emotional changes so that it becomes more emotional and sensitive. Fruit flavors are sweet and tasty bananas can be used to calm the mind so as to prevent pregnant women experience a sense of stress.

Lose Weight After Childbirth
The fiber content and mineral components contained in fruits such as bananas, potassium, calcium and magnesium contribute to improve the metabolic processes so that it can go faster and be able to lose weight after giving birth.

Adding Energy
In general, a pregnant woman feel tired and weak during the move. If you do not want that to happen, it is advisable to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Consuming bananas can also be an option to increase energy.

Increase appetite
Typically, pregnant women tend to be difficult to consume food. One way that can be used to solve it, that is by eating a banana. The content of the various nutrients found in bananas can be used to increase appetite.

Although bananas have many benefits for pregnant, but every pregnant woman should still compensate by eating a variety of nutritious foods to beverages, healthy lifestyle, take regular breaks and not lazy to move. All that is useful for the healthy condition expectant mother and fetus and can expedite the delivery process. In order not to get bored eating bananas directly, Olahlah should be the food that arouse your appetite. See also bananas ambon benefits for pregnant women

Avocado Benefits For Hair, Beauty, Pregnancy and For Health

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Avocado Benefits For Hair, Beauty, Pregnancy and For Health

Avocado for health benefits - Avocados can be regarded as the fruit is remarkable, because in addition to the delicious taste, it also has many benefits for health purposes. There are some opinions that say if eating avocado is bad because it contains a lot of fat, but actually the fact is not the case. Even with eating avocados can actually help us to feel full longer, so it's good to help control overweight.

Some people tend to avoid eating avocado because they contain fat. However, the researchers say that avocados contain healthy fats that are needed by our bodies.
Avocados are rich in healthy fats, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K1, vitamin B6 and carbohydrates, which merit good for health. Avocado, has a high calorie and fat content are included in the category of disinformation, such as coconut oil.

Before we discuss in more detail about the benefits of avocado, it helps us get to know the various nutrients found in avocados.

healthy fats
Make no mistake, fat in avocados are good fats, portion reaches about three-quarters of the total calories of avocado. This means that fat contains a high enough in this avocado fruit. The content of the fat is monounsaturated fat, in the form of oleic acid. Monounsaturated fats are considered as good fats can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Each avocado consists of approximately 4 grams of protein, the content is much more compared to other fruits.

The sugar in fruit value is quite small, ten pieces of avocado consisting of 0.2 g of sugar, so it is not too dangerous for you who are concerned about blood sugar.

Vitamins and Minerals
As with other fruits, avocados course also contain vitamins and minerals that are very high. He mmiliki kandugnan potassium (more than bananas Kandungannnya). Additionally, avocados are rich in vitamin K, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin B5 vitamin C, and vitamin E.2

Medium sized fruit contains 11 grams of fiber, nearly half of the daily fiber required by the body.

Next, let's discuss one by one the benefits of avocados to the health of the human body.

Benefits of avocado

- Maintain cardiovascular health

Research has shown that consumption of omega-6 is an important factor in cardiovascular disease. They suggest lowering the intake of polyunsaturated fats and increase the amount of monounsaturated fatty acids in the foods we consume.

Avocado is a source of monounsaturated oleic acid which has been proven in numerous studies to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood.

- Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is very dangerous, especially for the development of healthy food that has been increasingly difficult to get. If you feel frequent hunger, thirst, frequent urination, drastic weight loss, you should check it out to see a doctor.

Then what is the role of avocado to this problem? avocados can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol in the blood). Keeping your cholesterol intake will help reduce the risk of diabetes.

- Lose weight

There are still many Indonesian people are very surprised that foods high in fat and calories is considered good for weight loss. However, studies have shown that monounsaturated fatty acids are best used as a combustion energy and not stored as fat in the body.

Slow-burning energy, and certainly is a feeling of satiety that many days you will feel very suitable for reducing hunger and appetite for those of you who are on a diet.

- Arthritis

The disease is more frequent attacks you already started to age, Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes inflammation of the joints and severe pain. Avocados have anti-inflammatory agent, which is one of the few foods that can reduce pain in arthritis.

Avocados contain monounsaturated fats, phytosterols and antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and carotenoids substances that can help to reduce the inflammation that leads to arthritis.

- Prevent Cancer

Avocados are rich in phytochemicals that have done the research may help prevent the development of certain cancers. Scientists studying the characteristics of chemopreventive avocado concluded that phytochemicals from the avocado fruit is excellent dietary strategy in cancer prevention. "

- High blood pressure

Avocado is one of the fruits that become large enough source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure in the body.

- Removal of free radicals

The benefits of antioxidants in our body is to get rid of free radicals that may cause specific diseases and cancer. This fruit is one source of antioxidants which is very good for the body in removing toxins through sweat or urine will.

- Helping eye health

Avocado is a source of the carotenoid lutein, which is known to help protect the health of the eyes caused by aging such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

- Prevent birth defects

Avocados are rich in folate, vitamin B is one of the dikenalsebagai vitamin folic acid. One avocado could meet about 23% of the recommended daily value. The high amount of folate in avocados is very important in the prevention of birth defects, such as neural tube defects and spina bifida.

- Reduce the risk of stroke

Folic acid content in avocados can protect and prevent stroke. Research has shown that people who frequently consume folate intake had a lower risk of stroke.

- Anti-Inflammatory

Avocado ability to help prevent unwanted inflammation absolutely no doubt in the medical world, because it has been supported in various studies. The term "anti-inflammatory" is a term that really applies to this delicious fruit. Avocado anti-inflammatory nutrients that fall into five basic categories:
      - Phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol
      - Antioxidant carotenoids, including lutein, neoxanthin, neochrome, chrysanthemaxanthin, beta-            cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, violaxanthin, beta-carotene and alpha-carotene
      - Other antioxidants (non-carotenoid), including flavonoids epicatechin and epigallocatechin-                gallate 3-0, vitamins C and E, and the mineral manganese, selenium, and zinc
      - Omega-3 fatty acids, in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (about 160 milligrams per cup of sliced ​​          avocado)
      - Polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PSA)

It is suitable to be used for anti-inflammatory.

Avocado Benefits For Hair

Avocado for hair has long been used in various countries, the vanguard is the ancient Egyptian population. The use of avocado to the hair can be used as a cream bath. Creambath benefits alone can help to blacken the hair, making hair healthy glow.

How to use is:

Take 1 ripe avocado
Puree / juice without campuaran anything.
Rinse the hair instantly
Allow 15 minutes
then rinse thoroughly.

Feel the effects within a few weeks after.

Other Avocado Benefits for Body

Benefits of avocado is important for us to know to increase knowledge and change the paradigm we were wrong about the benefits of avocado this. Mix the benefits of honey and the benefits of this fruit will increase endurance and be our initial target in maintaining a healthy and get the body alive and healthy every day.

The most important thing is that we can use avocado to the health of the body, the health benefits are believed to have instead, which makes the avocado is the source we start a healthy life.

Avocado To Diet

There are still plenty of avocados to the diet that we can use to avoid misperception, most people said that avocados can add weight drastically? if it is true? not necessarily. Avocados are very fast filling that means making your body more satisfied until the main meal consumption less. Then how to diet tips.

Consumption of avocados before eating
Perform routine, morning, noon, evening, before meals
Do not mix with excessive sugar
Do jampurkan with milk.
Eating directly without the juice would be helpful

Sick cavities

Take one seed avocado, then pounded until smooth. Use a small amount of avocado seed powder and insert into the cavities. Or you can also use cotton and fitted into cavities.

Avocado Benefits For Hair

Avocado for hair has long been used in various countries, the vanguard is the ancient Egyptian population. The use of avocado to the hair can be used as a cream bath. Creambath benefits alone can help to blacken the hair, making hair healthy glow.

How to use is:

Take 1 ripe avocado
Puree / juice without mix anything.
Rinse the hair instantly
Allow 15 minutes
then rinse thoroughly.

Feel the effects within a few weeks after.

Other Avocado Benefits for Body

Benefits of avocado is important for us to know to increase knowledge and change the paradigm we were wrong about the benefits of avocado this. Mix the benefits of honey and the benefits of this fruit will increase endurance and be our initial target in maintaining a healthy and get the body alive and healthy every day.

The most important thing is that we can use avocado to the health of the body, the health benefits are believed to have instead, which makes the avocado is the source we start a healthy life.

Avocado To Diet

There are still plenty of avocados to the diet that we can use to avoid misperception, most people said that avocados can add weight drastically? if it is true? not necessarily. Avocados are very fast filling that means making your body more satisfied until the main meal consumption less. Then how to diet tips.

Consumption of avocados before eating
Perform routine, morning, noon, evening, before meals
Do not mix with excessive sugar
Do mix with milk.
Eating directly without the juice would be helpful

Sick cavities

Take one seed avocado, then pounded until smooth. Use a small amount of avocado seed powder and insert into the cavities. Or you can also use cotton and fitted into cavities.

Here are some benefits of avocado for pregnant women:

- Avocados make a pregnant woman early satiety

Avocado much as 3.4 grams with existing fiber will make pregnant women feel full longer. Oleic acid contained in the avocado will activate part of the brain that make pregnant women feel full. Benefits of avocado for pregnant women are healthy unsaturated fats and is proven to generate greater satiety than saturated fats and trans weak who are in preparations.

- Brain food for pregnant women

One of the bleary-eyed brain food avocado. According to Dr Daniel G, find the avocado as one of the best brain food and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E that is inside avocado proven to stop Alzheimer's disease. (See also: how to make intelligent child in the womb)

- Protect the eyes of pregnant women

For eye protection for pregnant women due to consuming avocado will increase lituein. This Lituein can avoid macular degeneration and cataracts.

- Reduce the risk of stroke for pregnant women

Benefits of avocado for pregnant women can reduce stroke due to high levels of folic acid. Pregnant women who consume avocados will have less risk of stroke than those who consume little or no other food containing folate.

- Prevents deformities in babies will be born

Folic acid is important for the baby in the development of organs. Folic acid deficiency causes bone deformities in babies before birth. Deformity is an arrangement of permanent teeth were irregular due to jaw disorders which currently is experiencing growth, the ceilings are shaped in a curved, milk teeth in the future has been delayed to date.

- Preventing neural defects in the fetus

In addition to preventing deformity, the benefits of folic acid in avocados also prevent neural defects in the fetus. Pregnant women can eat as much as half a cup of avocado, in each of the cut contains 59 mcg of folic acid. (See also: foods to prevent birth defects)

- Preventing complications

During pregnancy there is a condition of a mother suffering from fatigue, the folic acid is known to prevent complications, anemia, insomnia, mood changes suddenly and preeclampsia. Preklamsia is high blood pressure in pregnant women, causing high mortality in infants, because lead poisoning in infants. Such cases can occur 5-8% of pregnancies.

- Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Avocado consumption can reduce blood cholesterol and also can lower blood sugar levels. In a study of diet food, avocados provide significant results in lowering total cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol increased by as much as 11%.

From other research that can lower bad cholesterol levels by 17%. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease, so the avocado can be prevented. For sugar levels and insulin response alone would be suppressed because the satiety that has been inflicted on the avocado.

- Protect your baby before birth

Eating one cup of avocado or meet a quarter of the daily intake of folate reduces the risk of babies born with disabilities.

- Avocados are better protected from pesticides

We often see the fruit treated with chemical pesticides to grow well. But for the avocado itself has a thick skin. For the fruit itself will be protected from pesticide on plantations.

- Calcium Intake

During pregnancy the body needs rising exponentially. So just when considered dietary calcium. Here, the role of avocado to oblige. The benefits of calcium for pregnant women as a builder substance and bone formation in infants.

- Containing Vitamin C

Vitamin C in pregnant women is to accelerate the absorption of iron (Fe) in the body. This is due to pregnant women often suffer from anemia. How to maintain the pregnancy in order to stay healthy by eating vitamin C chemically feared could experience excess. This is actually not good because it can cause miscarriage, because vitamin C led to a greater emphasis on progesterone.

- Full of vitamin E

In this case vitamin E can produce the hormone prolactin. When a pregnant woman is eating hormone deficiency will cause an influence on the emotional state and in addition very important role in metabolism, Vitamin E will provide a comfortable environment for the baby. In addition to pregnant women themselves can anti aging.

- Containing Vitamin K

Similar to the function of vitamin E. Not only that vitamin E also works in the formation of red blood cells. In addition to blood clotting, vitamin K also plays a role in bone formation for the fetus, as the nutrition of pregnant women are to be met.

- Rich in B1 and B2 also B6

How to cope with nausea during early pregnancy with the intake of vitamins B1 and B2 can also be fulfilled by the benefits of avocados for pregnant women. Especially vitamin B6 which can reduce morning sickness that is often experienced by pregnant women. B1, known as thiamine, is known to reduce nausea and vomiting in the morning.

Especially at the end of pregnancy to prepare for the birth and post-lactation. B2, known as riboflavin. It is an important element to help the decomposition of nutrients to the fetus. Vitamin B6 is often known as Pridoksin, which is important as the durability of the pregnant mother.

- Avocado prevent anemia

A pregnant woman is often a lack of iron (Fe), causing anemia. Avocado itself is rich in benefits of iron for expectant mothers that consuming avocado slices some sufficient in meeting these needs.

- Improves digestive function

During pregnancy, especially at the end of pregnancy a pregnant women suffer from constipation. Benefits of avocado for pregnant women, has a lot of fiber because fiber the body needs to digest food properly. In addition, the avocado itself can increase bowel movements better.

- Reduce the gastrointestinal inflammation in pregnant women.

Avocados contain carotenoids, including beta carotene and lycopene which is an essential nutrient. This can reduce the inflammation of the stomach and inflammation of the mucosal lining of the small intestine. All of this is because the enzymes in the benefits of avocados and nutrients contained therein.

- Increases the absorption of nutrients

In addition to providing many nutrients, the benefits of avocado for pregnant women will help in the absorption of nutrients. The study also showed that eating an avocado can increase the absorption of carotenoids in the body. Carotenoids itself derived from vitamin A present in the avocado.

Its function is to prevent fetal getting a disease or disorders of the eye. Pregnant women can enjoy a cup of avocado contains 22 mg of choline in assisting in the development of the brain and nerves.

- Drug cramps in pregnant women

Leg cramps in pregnant women is the most common problems. Eating fruit for pregnant women such as avocado, then a pregnant woman will get potassium, which helps reduce cramps.

Here are the benefits of avocado for beauty

To soften the skin

You can use avocado to spa at home. Apply the avocado meat that has been softened throughout your body. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash with warm water bath, then avocado oil will penetrate and soften your skin. You can also apply meat mashed avocado on your face to help eliminate the signs of aging, or also by adding honey and yogurt to remove dead skin cells so skin looks dangerous and youthful. If you're long gone outside the home, Avocado applied to relieve the pain of sunburn by the sun.

As a facial cleanser

This recipe for cleaning the skin pores and frees the skin of dirt and excess oil. To make a facial cleanser with avocado, you can add one egg yolk, half a cup of milk, and half an avocado.

First beat eggs until frothy, then add the avocado flesh is smooth and milk. mix Stir until smooth like lotion. Use this mixture to wash your face regularly. This will eliminate harmful toxins from your skin and make it look younger and radiant.

To Scrub hands:

This requires a mix of lemon to add flavor, oat to accelerate the absorption and avocado oils to exfoliate the skin so soft and smooth.

Take some mashed avocado into a bowl, then add egg whites, wheat, and a little lemon juice. Stir this mixture well and use it to massage your hands. Wait about 20-25 minutes and then wash your hands with warm water.

For oily skin masks:

To make the avocado mask, you need lemon, egg white and half the avocado flesh. Lemon is useful as a natural astringent and control of oil production by the skin, while the egg to whiten and nourish skin with high protein content. Meanwhile avocado oil to balance the mix.

How to make this mask pack, avocado, egg, lemon juice and egg white into the blender up into a fine paste. Use this mask on your skin for twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water.

For moisturizing mask:

Materials required, avocado as a moisturizer, honey as a natural antiseptic, and yogurt to clean and soften the skin and tighten skin pores.

Take two take the meat and avocado puree. Then add the yogurt and honey and mix well. Apply the mixture as a face mask and leave on for fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Here are recipes and tips to make avocado hair mask:

- Mash half an avocado fine, if you have long hair you may need a whole avocado fruit.

If you use one whole avocado fruit, multiply the two for all the material in this recipe. Make sure the avocado until smooth and no major piece left.

- Add 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup almond oil. Remember, for long hair you have to double the amount.

Olive and almond oils contain fatty acids that can make your hair shine. In addition, the oil will also strengthen the hair and moisturizes dry scalp. Stir all ingredients until evenly distributed.

- Dampen your hair before using a hair mask. Rub the wet hair with avocado mask that you have created, use evenly from scalp to hair ends.

- Let the avocado hair mask is in your hair for about 20 minutes.

If you experience dry scalp and flaky, you can massage your scalp with the avocado mask for 5-7 minutes before you rinse.

- After 20 minutes, wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly. Enjoy your hair soft and shiny.

So many health benefits of avocado for avocado consumption so in comparison with the main meal will certainly have an impact on the optimal diet. In addition, the avocado is more easily digested in the body. Read also the article tips to stay young with fruits

Fruit Consumption diligent It Can Be Ageless

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Fruit Consumption diligent It Can Be Ageless

This fruit can create ageless - The most important of skin care is to maintain cleanliness, because the net face then face will be relieved of some kinds of skin diseases such as acne, blackheads and oily skin. To keep the face in order to continue to look pretty, you also must often consume fruits and vegetables, because in fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants need to face, and if skin anti-oxidant deficiency then the face will look wrinkled and even premature aging.

No need plastic surgery to get smooth skin free of wrinkles.

You just have to keep away from stress, as well as diligent in drinking water. Do not forget to keep your intake of healthy eating and balanced.

As a complement, the consumption of five types of this fruit, also make your face look younger. Anything?

Lemons contain high levels of vitamin C, which can help regenerate dead skin cells. Lemon also contains bioflavonoids which effectively protects the skin from UV rays. The consumption of lemon water every morning adds to the fitness and health of the skin.

Consumption of five tablespoons of tomato paste every day for three months can provide protection up to 25 percent of black stains. The skin also has more collagen, which makes it elastic and high content of antioxidants to prevent premature aging.

Blue-black fruit is able to protect the skin from the harmful oxidation and free radicals. In addition, consumption of blueberry juice every day can also prevent cancer.

One glass of strawberry juice provides 100 percent of vitamin C and antioxidants that keep skin smoothness. Ellagic acid content in strawberries also protects the elastic fibers that protects the skin from sagging.

Contain quercetin which provides protection from UV B rays causes skin cancer. Eat two apples in one week can reduce the risk of heart disease. Ensure eat with the skin for at least part of it that contains antioxidants. See also benefits tea dregs

Acne and Eye With Tea Dregs

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Tea dregs benefits - Tea is one beverage that is loved by people of various backgrounds, ranging from children, teenagers, adults up to old people though. Usually drink tea is consumed as a substitute for coffee because the caffeine content of tea there are fewer compared to coffee.

It is said that ancient people are familiar with this drink. However, at this time the tea is already packaged in a form that is more practical in the form of a small bag in which there are the tea leaves that have been dried. How to make it was fairly easy, the only brew in hot water then can be added with sugar or honey to taste.

Tea is also a drink that can be mixed with fruit juice and flowers, so it will be more refreshing. One of processed tea with fruit juice and flowers which are lemon tea, apple tea, jasmine tea and others. Given these teas with different flavors, making people who consume fast do not feel bored with the taste of tea that's it.

When making and brewing tea, usually someone will discard the tea dregs after use / brewed as much as 1-2 times. However, you should start now do not get used to rush pulp tea that had been used as it includes compounds that are useful for facial beauty.

Manfaat.co.id sites revealed that in tea are polyphenols and essential oils. The polyphenol content of antioxidant bioflavonoid that has the ability 25 times more effective than vitamin E and 100 times more effective than vitamin C. While the essential oil content in it has a primary function, which is to assist in the formation.

Given All These contents, it can be ascertained that this tea Dregs have benefits for health and beauty skin. To learn more, read this article to finish Because here will be explained about the benefits of tea Dregs. Here are some benefits of tea Dregs were reported of spirit.web.id, while some of them are as follows:

5 Benefits of Tea Dregs

Fades Dark Spot Acne Scars
Not only can be used to get rid of acne, tea dregs mask can also be used to diminish acne scars and black spots. How to apply simply by applying a teacup on black spots or black spots on a regular basis, let stand for 15-20 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Overcoming Acne
Inside there is a tea bag contains antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E, which can be used to treat acne by using tea waste that has been allowed to stand overnight to be used as a face mask, leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing in order to obtain maximum results.

Eliminating Eye Panda
One of the problems that face is often experienced by most people is the panda eyes or eyelids blackened problems. How panda eye removal can be done by immersing the face in the tea stale with open eyes.

Help Heal Skin Sunburn
In general, people who are too often do outdoor activities will skin sunburn easily if not using sunscreen or sunblock. However, if already burned, the skin will be red and will feel sore. To overcome this, can be done by putting a tea bag into a cold bath or bathup, then soak in it after a long day in the sun.

Skin Lightening Face
The content of polyphenol compounds in tea dregs can be used to make the face becomes brighter. The trick can be done by using tea waste that has been allowed to stand for overnight became a face mask.

Using a teacup on a regular basis as a face mask can also make the skin becomes cleaner, smoother, firmer and can prevent premature aging. Therefore, do not rush to dump the dregs of tea after knowing the benefits. See also orange skin benefits to health

Orange Skin Benefits To Health

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Orange Skin Benefits To Health

Orange skin benefits - One type of fruit that has a lot of fans are citrus fruits. The fruit is famous because it tastes good and refreshing. In addition, citrus fruits are also famous for its abundant vitamin C and other nutrients that have content beneficial to health and beauty.

When consuming citrus fruits, everyone must throw away the skin for granted. Whereas, in the orange peel are nutrients that do not lose much with the fruit. Inside there is the nutritional content of orange peel in the form of vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids. The content has benefits for health.

With information from carakhasiatmanfaat.com anatomize unknown number of benefits of orange peel for health. As for them are as follows:

Orange Skin Benefits

Preventing Skin Cell Growth
Flavonoids present in orange peel role is to help the vitamin C and antioxidants to work more efficiently. Flavonoids, which also has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells by inhibiting the supply of food needed by cancer cells.

Lowering Cholesterol
In the orange peel contains flavones are composed of substances polymethoxylate and hesperidin. US Department of Agriculture and KGK Synergize Nutraceutical company has done research that the compound can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Boost Immune System
The content of vitamin C in the orange peel has the ability to boost the immune system by helping produce white blood cells that act as the immune system.

Preventing Skin Cancer
In a study conducted in 2000 at the Arizona Cancer Center (Nutrition and Cancer; Citrus Peel Use is Associated with Reduced Risk of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin). The study they found a compound d-limonene in the lemon peel that acts to reduce the growth of skin cancer.

Fixing Respiratory Conditions
In 100 grams of orange peel contained approximately 10.6 grams of fiber content. The content of these fibers have the ability to prevent bloating and irritable syndrome if extracted, orange peel has the ability to improve respiratory conditions.

Overcome Indigestion
The content of vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber found in orange peel has the ability to overcome the problem of digestive disorders such as constipation, constipation, hemorrhoids, colic and other digestive disorders.

Calming the mind
Owned by the refreshing aroma of orange peel has a calming effect on the mind so that it can make up your mind to relax the body and make the body avoid feeling stressed.

Because orange peel has a very bitter taste, makes many people reluctant to consume it directly. There are easy ways you can do to make orange peel palatable for consumption, ie the process into delicious sweets. On site manfaat.co.id, explained about how to manufacture candied orange peel.

The method of manufacture is as follows:

- Prepare the orange peel to taste, then wash up really clean
- Cut them into small sizes
- Dry by drying in the sun
- Once, really dry soak in a solution of sugar during the night
- The next way, can consume orange peel in a way making it the juice, by mixing in a blender and as fresh fruit juice blend. This is Because The fruit mixture can neutralize the bitter taste that is owned by an orange peel.

Lastly, can be done by consuming orange peel in the form of orange peel extract that has been sold in the market. Before taking or cultivate sure that had washed up on the surface clean for exposure to agent orange peel chemical fertilizers, exposure candles, inteksida, bacteria, germs and viruses carried by the wind.

However, if you want to directly consume orange peel skin should eat a tangerine or mandarin oranges because it has a sweeter taste than the other types of orange peel. Fixed consume wisely and to be in a proper way. See also coffee benefits for skin

Coffee Benefits For Skin

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Coffee benefits To Skin

Coffee benefits for skin - About 10 of 8 adults very fond of drinking coffee. Coffee is a beverage derived from the seeds of coffee cherries that have been mashed. There are many types of coffee, from coffee Robusta Kopi Luwak and others. Besides useful as relievers drinks drowsiness and body warmers drinks, coffee also has other benefits for skin health and beauty.

reveals that in coffee are substances such as carbohydrates, glycosides, minerals, amino acids, protein, caffeine, aliphatic acid / carboxylic acids, trigoneline, chlorogenic acid and many others. Besides being able to nourish the body, all the compound also has the ability to nourish the skin because coffee also has benefits for the skin, especially in the face.

The benefits of coffee to the face has also been shown, as there are several spas and salons skin-care use coffee to the face mask. As what is quoted from manfaat.com, as for the benefits offered by the coffee to the skin are as follows:

Coffee Benefits for Skin

Disguise Dark Spot Acne Scars
Both ground coffee and coffee grounds, when applied to the face each have the ability to black blemishes acne scars and black spots. This is because coffee has the ability to remove dead skin cells.

Troubleshooting Acne
Coffee grounds can be used as a facial scrub to solve the problem by making acne pimples dry faster, so avoid the problem of inflammatory acne.

Skin Lightening Face
Inside there are coffee contains antioxidants which serves to remove dead skin cells that accumulate from free radicals. Thus, the face will look brighter and free from dullness.

Controlling Oil Content Overload
The next coffee benefits which, when used as a face mask on a regular basis can control the content of excess oil on the face so that the face looks cleaner, free of flash and avoid acne.

Shrink the pores Skin
If used as a face mask on a regular basis, coffee can shrink the pores so that it can make the skin free from acne and blackheads. Keep in mind, one of the causes of the growth of acne and blackheads on the skin caused by pores clogged by dirt and the excretion of excess fat.

Moisturize and Smooth Skin
Coffee used as a face mask and a natural facial scrub regularly can make your skin moist and smooth.

eliminate Blackheads
In addition to acne, problems that often stop by on the skin is blackheads. Blackheads occur because the face has the content of excess oil, oily serve as a suitable place for blackheads. To overcome the problem of blackheads, can be done by using a mask coffee grounds regularly.

Ways of making a mask of coffee was easy to do, how to simply use coffee grounds pure or coffee grounds are not mixed with sugar, then apply on face as a mask, do a massage or rub it gently on your face, leave about 20-25 minutes, then rinse with soap face and clean water. Coffee mask can also be made by mixing coffee grounds pure with honey, egg white or olive oil.

To obtain maximum results, use a face mask or facial scrub on a regular basis, a maximum of 2-3 times a week. Make sure also that there has been use of real coffee and pure, the coffee powder is not mixed with any material. Because, to minimize production costs there are several manufacturers that combine other ingredients such as corn powder into the coffee products they make.

Tips to Ensure the security and authenticity of coffee, coffee beans should buy then strain own or cooking with a wok clay without using oil. Then, puree the beans that have been roasted them. If you already know the process of making coffee powder, readers can know the security and authenticity of the materials to be used for facial skin. This is Because the face is a valuable asset that should not be arbitrary in selecting natural materials, beauty products and cosmetics roomates will be used. See also Benefits of Soy Milk For Beauty

Efficacy and Benefits of Sprouts

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Benefits of sprouts

Benefits of sprouts - Most people will remember and know the bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are also referred to as a bud or sprout sprouts of mung bean. If consumed directly as fresh vegetables, bean sprouts have a sweet flavor with a crunchy texture. In addition to widely consumed as fresh vegetables, bean sprouts can also be consumed into a variety of culinary delights, such as complementary pecel vegetables, vegetables complement ointment, salad, sauteed bean sprouts, rice cake mixture racing, know the contents, a mixture of vegetables and so forth.

In addition to delicious eaten raw and can be consumed as processed food, bean sprouts also has many benefits for the health of the body. In the 100 gram bean sprouts are fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, protein, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients content.

After knowing the nutrient content contained in bean sprouts, it does not complete if you do not know what benefit. Therefore, it will Also be given information about some of the benefits of bean sprouts for health. Here are some benefits of sprouts that reported buahan-sehat.blogspot.co.id sites, as for them are as follows:

benefits of Sprouts

Keeping Heart Health
Heart disease can be caused by the content of bad cholesterol in the blood so that clog coronary arteries. Saponins in bean sprouts is to fight bad cholesterol in the blood so that it can maintain heart health.

Maintaining Bone Health
In the bean sprouts are a natural estrogen content consisting of estrogen synthesis without side effects. In addition, the content of estrogen can also increase bone density, maintain bone health and strengthens bones.

Prevent Colon Cancer
In the bean sprouts are fiber and water content are abundant. Both the content of these nutrients contribute to clean the dirt in the large intestine by pushing out the dirt. It is useful to prevent the buildup of toxins that can trigger cancer cell growth in the colon.

Counteracting Free Radical
The content of antioxidants that many in the bean sprouts serve to counteract the free radicals that the body avoid dangerous diseases such as skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and others.

Improve Male Fertility
There is some amount of vitamin found in sprouts, one of which is vitamin E. Vitamin E contained in the bean sprouts have the ability to help improve male fertility.

Boost Immune System
The content of vitamin C and antioxidants found in sprouts serve to enhance the immune system in the body so that the body is free from the risk of disease.

Increase Energy
At the time of its formation, bean sprouts had outlined olisakarida chain as much as 90% to simple carbohydrates. As a result, the compound is easily absorbed by the body without producing gas and can increase the energy needed by the body.

Overcoming Stress and Fatigue
Consuming bean sprouts are useful to cope with stress and fatigue. This is because the bean sprouts were able to assist in eliminating or against mental and physical pressure indication, so as to make the body and mind to relax.

Helps Muscle Formation
The content of a number of proteins found in bean sprouts have the ability to increase muscle mass and help build muscle. Therefore, bean sprouts is one of the vegetables that are usually consumed by people who want to build muscle.

Prevent Anemia (Less Blood)
Anemia or lack of blood caused by the body only produces red blood cells in small amounts. To overcome this, can be done by eating bean sprouts because it constitutes an iron content that has the ability to produce red blood cells.

To get all the benefits of bean sprouts to the maximum, it is recommended to process fresh bean sprouts in a way that is good and right. And be sure to choose the bean sprouts were still fresh and of good quality, do not choose the bean sprouts were slimy and textured. Good quality bean sprouts are mung bean sprouts containing, not slack, not slimy, clean and crisp to the touch. See also Content of Cassava Leaves Benefits And Benefits