Pregnancy Tips Sleep Well At Night today

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Pregnancy Tips Sleep Well At Night today
Sleepy eyes and the body feels really tired, but why not also go to sleep, this condition often complained many pregnant women, especially with the age of the content that has entered the final stage.

According to the National Sleep Foundation survey in the United States, showed that about 97 percent of pregnant women who will be entering the labor, found often awake at midnight.

Of course, these conditions are very dangerous, because pregnant women need adequate rest at night to make up the immune system (immune) which is very important. Here are some ways to make it easier to pregnant women sleeping soundly at night:

Reduce consumption of caffeine
Drinking coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate in the afternoon and evening ahead of time, making it difficult to sleep pregnant women. In some cases, many pregnant women feel anxious and full of worries before bedtime. So, avoid consuming beverages with high caffeine content.

Do not drink too much ahead of time to sleep
Too much to drink when close to bedtime will make a pregnant woman alternating urinate at night. As a result, the bed was so disturbed and destructive patterns of sleep suggested by your doctor.

Avoid heavy meals and spicy foods before bedtime
Spicy and greasy foods like tomatoes vegetables can cause heartburn and indigestion. Similar conditions can be experienced by pregnant women who eat too much before bedtime.

If you suffer from heartburn, it is advisable to consume food with moderation and do away before bedtime. Ideally, if you do not want to sleep undisturbed, pregnant women should eat two to three hours before bedtime.

Conditions heartburn or pyrosis is a burning sensation that radiates from epigastric or heartburn towards the back of the chest and neck caused by reflux of stomach acid. It can be felt in addition to their sensations or burning, there is also discomfort in the chest.

Healthy snack before bedtime
If you experience pregnancy morning sickness condition and nausea at certain hours, then you should not let your stomach empty before mealtime. Provide pastries, fruit, and crackers, near your bed for preparation queasy stomach at night.

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