Fruit Consumption diligent It Can Be Ageless

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Fruit Consumption diligent It Can Be Ageless

This fruit can create ageless - The most important of skin care is to maintain cleanliness, because the net face then face will be relieved of some kinds of skin diseases such as acne, blackheads and oily skin. To keep the face in order to continue to look pretty, you also must often consume fruits and vegetables, because in fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants need to face, and if skin anti-oxidant deficiency then the face will look wrinkled and even premature aging.

No need plastic surgery to get smooth skin free of wrinkles.

You just have to keep away from stress, as well as diligent in drinking water. Do not forget to keep your intake of healthy eating and balanced.

As a complement, the consumption of five types of this fruit, also make your face look younger. Anything?

Lemons contain high levels of vitamin C, which can help regenerate dead skin cells. Lemon also contains bioflavonoids which effectively protects the skin from UV rays. The consumption of lemon water every morning adds to the fitness and health of the skin.

Consumption of five tablespoons of tomato paste every day for three months can provide protection up to 25 percent of black stains. The skin also has more collagen, which makes it elastic and high content of antioxidants to prevent premature aging.

Blue-black fruit is able to protect the skin from the harmful oxidation and free radicals. In addition, consumption of blueberry juice every day can also prevent cancer.

One glass of strawberry juice provides 100 percent of vitamin C and antioxidants that keep skin smoothness. Ellagic acid content in strawberries also protects the elastic fibers that protects the skin from sagging.

Contain quercetin which provides protection from UV B rays causes skin cancer. Eat two apples in one week can reduce the risk of heart disease. Ensure eat with the skin for at least part of it that contains antioxidants. See also benefits tea dregs

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