Try to Overcome Nausea During Pregnancy With this Tea

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Nausea and vomiting interfere with the mother during pregnancy? Nausea pregnant or commonly referred to as morning sickness is indeed one of the symptoms that can not be avoided by pregnant women. Generally, pregnant nausea occurs in the early weeks of pregnancy and will decrease with age womb. Although rated as a natural phenomenon, but this pregnancy nausea can cause a sense of discomfort in the body of its own mother.

Well, to reduce discomfort, there are many ways you can Mom do one with tea consumption. Want to know more information? Let's see here:

ginger tea
Brew a cup of ginger tea in the morning can make the body feel warmer and against nausea. To make ginger tea, Mother can boil 30 grams of dried ginger together with a glass of sweet tea or fresh water according to taste. If you want to taste more delicious, Mom could use seruas fresh ginger that has been crushed and then boiled and leave it up to 10-15 minutes until the water is really boiling. After that, strain the water that dried ginger tea or ginger pieces are not ingested. Immediately enjoy drinks repellent nauseous pregnant while still warm.

lemon tea
Brew a cup of tea with lemon water can also help refresh the body while pregnant nausea hit. If it is not too fond of sour taste, she could use a little lemon juice or add sugar to taste. In addition to having a fresh taste and can reduce nausea during pregnancy, the scent of lemon tea is also going to make her feel more relaxed.

Red raspberry leaf tea
This herb is popular enough to overcome some of the problems of pregnancy including nausea pregnant. Mom can brew one to two tablespoons of dried raspberry leaf with a cup of hot water and add sugar to taste. The leaves of this one was quite rare, and sometimes can cause allergies in some people. Therefore, please do not hesitate to consult with your obstetrician reliable before taking this raspberry leaf tea

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