Tips Controlling Pain Uric Acid Levels

Monday, July 18, 2016
Tips Controlling Pain Uric Acid Levels
Gout pain
 Uric acid levels can be influenced by the type of food you consume. Eating foods such as meat or seafood and drinking too much alcohol can raise levels of uric asar.

Gout occurs due to excessive consumption of purine substances. Purin is processed in the body into uric acid, but if the levels are excessive, kidneys are unable to remove it through the urine. This ultimately makes uric acid builds up in the joints. If this buildup occurs, then the sendipun will feel pain, inflamed, and then swelling. Therefore, we must be smart to control the levels of uric acid in our body.

To control uric acid levels to remain normal, you should have a healthy diet and other tips are as follows:

Eating lots of fiberAccording to some studies, fiber-rich foods can control uric acid in the body. So it would not hurt you to try these tips by eating fiber-rich foods such as vegetables that levels of uric acid in the body is maintained normal.

consumption LemonHigh levels of vitamin C in lemons and its nature can control uric acid levels and prevent soaring.

consumption CherriesCherries contain flavonoids certain types that play a major role in controlling the levels of uric acid. Not surprisingly, since time immemorial cherry has been frequently used to lower uric acid levels.

Avocado consumptionAvocados are rich in potassium, a mineral that can control the levels of uric acid is potassium. Experts often recommend that people with gout to run a potassium-rich diet in order to control uric acid levels.

Drink plenty of waterUric acid will come out easily through the urine if you increase the consumption of water. Make sure your daily fluid needs are met well. Water is the best drink for the body.

Intake of vitamin CVitamin C is one type of vitamin that can control uric acid in your body. Consumed at least 500 milligrams of vitamin C on a daily basis can make the body more healthy and minimize the risk of gout.

Cooking with olive oilCompared with other oils, olive oil contains fatty acids that lower. Therefore, try replacing the usual cooking oil with olive oil when cooking.

Avoid sugary foodsSweet foods have a very high sugar content and this can increase uric acid in the body. Therefore, avoid or cut back consumption of foods high in sugar and switch to healthier foods such as fruits.

Good tips to control uric acid levels can be useful for you, thank you.

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