Celery Health Benefits For Hair

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Celery Health Benefits For Hair - In celery there are a variety of nutrient content in the form of essential oils, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K and many other nutrient content. Given all the nutrient content can make celery have benefits for health and beauty hair. In the health sector, celery can be used to treat several diseases such as hypertension and cancer.

While in the field of hair beauty, celery can be used to treat various hair problems such as hair loss, dull hair, dry hair, dandruff and others. For more details, let's look at information about some of the benefits of celery for hair. Some information about the benefits of celery for the hair is taken from the site pondokibu.com, as for them are as follows:

Benefits of Celery Dauh

Nourishing Hair
The content of some nutrients in celery such as, proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential oils can be used to nourish the hair to be healthy and free from the threat of damage.

Hair straightening
In the 80's to 90's curly hair is a trend that is hits at the time, but it is different now because straight hair is a model or hairstyles that are sought. One way that can be done to straighten curly hair rebonding or by performing the smoothing. But both methods require no small cost. We recommend using the herb celery to straighten hair naturally.

Accelerate Hair Growth
The content of vitamin E and essential oils contained in celery beneficial to accelerate the growth of hair, so hair can body with a lush, dense and long fast.

Overcoming Hair Loss
Protein, vitamins and minerals contained in celery can be used to strengthen the hair from the root. This is certainly very useful to overcome the problem of hair loss.

blacken Hair
If you want to have naturally black hair, use herbs celery leaves on a regular basis as it includes vitamins and minerals that have the ability to restore the natural luster of the hair so the hair becomes a natural black color.

eliminate Dandruff
Dandruff is the caused due to deposition of dirt on the scalp due to excessive sweating. To get rid of dandruff can be done using the celery herb regularly.
How to make a potion celery fairly easy to do, which is fairly mashing / smoothing celery taste. Wring by adding water, and then store it in a bottle for settling overnight. Use the herb or celery water to swab the entire section of hair, including the scalp, let stand about 25-30 minutes then dry using a towel slowly. Before performing the manufacturing process, make sure that it has been using fresh celery that has been washed clean.

Other information comes from sources peterparkerblog.com saying that, although the celery has a number of benefits for health and beauty hair. However, celery herb should not be consumed or used by pregnant women. Contained in celery comuarin content of linoleic acid, essential oils and flavonoids that can trigger uterine contractions of pregnant women. If the reader is a pregnant women should not use or consume the celery because of the health of the mother and fetus are more important than the beauty of hair.

After learning about the benefits of celery for hair, you should still use a sufficient amount is not excessive. To get maximum results, still keep your health in a way diligent shampooing hair, use conditioner to moisturize the hair and provide extra nutrients to the hair by taking vitamin or hair serum. See also benefits of trees go bananas

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