Benefits of Trees Go Bananas

Saturday, July 02, 2016
Benefits of Trees Go Bananas

Benefits of banana tree - Banana tree is a plant that can thrive in tropical countries bodies. Trees that can breed with this new shoots will have two types of trees, the banana trees to bear fruit and banana tree can not bear fruit.

Banana tree can not bear fruit functioned as ornamental plants such as banana tree species fan. Meanwhile, for the banana tree can bear fruit are usually widely grown and consumed fruit to be picked. However, banana trees are somewhat unique because it can only bear fruit once in a lifetime. After fruiting banana trees will be dry up and die and then will be replaced with the shoots as the next generation.

Then, banana trees bear fruit again divided into several sections according to the type of fruit, including banana trees mas, green banana trees, banana trees klutuk and others. Not only can eat the fruit, banana trees also have overall benefits from the roots to the leaves. Intrigued, with the benefit of a banana tree.

Benefits of Banana Tree

Skin Benefits of Bananas
Banana skins, including the type of waste is environmentally friendly. In addition, the banana peel can also be used to treat a variety of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypertension, burns, migraines, warts and can be used to make hair become more dense.

Benefits of Banana Leaf
In general, banana leaves used to wrap foods, such as roasted rice, steamed fish and others. Moreover, it turns banana leaf also has benefits for health. Banana leaves are still rolled up can be used to improve blood circulation, stop stop nosebleeds, overcome vaginal discharge, treat coughs, sore throats and can be used to cure inflammation of the brain.

Benefits of Banana Tree Root
Who would have thought that in the roots of banana trees are anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic. Both of these properties have benefits to relieve fever, shortness of breath or asthma cope, cools the blood, urine laxative and can be used to cure skin diseases.

Benefits Flowers / Heart Bananas
Besides can be cooked into a delicious dish, banana or banana flower also has benefits for the health of the body. Flowers / banana can be used to prevent stroke and prevent brain hemorrhage.

Liver Stem Banana
Hearts banana trunk can be used to reduce fever, and fluid in the heart of the banana stems or tubers can be used to treat diarrhea, snakebites, kidney inflammation, bleeding hemorrhoids and dysentery.

Benefits of Bananas
Not only has the good taste to be consumed when ripe, bananas also has benefits for health. This is because the vitamin A, potassium and other nutrients in bananas can be used to treat ulcers, high blood pressure, anemia, diarrhea, coughing up blood, hemorrhoids and constipation.

Banana trees not only have benefits for human health, because the banana trees also have benefits for human life. Starting from the leaves of the banana tree, banana tree leaves can be used for wrapping various foods, can be used as a place / ironing offering traditional rituals. Then the trunk or stem of a banana tree can normally be used to make traditional toys for children. Heart or flower can be processed into food delights, such as stir-fried banana, lodeh and others.

Not only that, the liver stem banana or banana tree stump can also be processed into shredded delights.
Given this information we can determine there is one more tangible evidence that God had created the universe and its contents with amazing benefits. Therefore, it is very important to keep nature for a better future. However, to get all the benefits of banana trees that need to know how to process them properly to avoid things that are not desirable. See also bananas ambon benefits for pregnant women

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