Green Beans for Health Benefits

Sunday, July 03, 2016
Green Beans for Health Benefits | article health

Benefits of green beans - The green beans are plant species of legumes that have a high enough nutrients such as protein, vitamins, fiber, phosphorus, calcium and unsaturated fat which is very well taken for the health of the body.

Almost everyone would be familiar with the green beans, the beans were included in the types of legumes is indeed quite popular in Indonesia. In addition, the green bean itself is widely consumed in many processed foods such as green bean porridge delicious, ice green beans, green bean compote and many more.

To get a good benefit from green beans green beans should not be cooked too ripe because it will reduce the nutritional content in it, and green bean cooking water is also beneficial for skin health and help to the wound healing process.

Green bean plant widely grown by farmers in Indonesia so it is quite easy to get. Moreover, to get the green beans will not drain the wallet due to market green beans priced at a fairly cheap price per kilo. Not only delicious to eat, nut of this type has many nutrients that are beneficial to health.

In a single grain of green beans are the nutrient content in the form of protein, vitamin B complex, fiber, minerals, folic acid, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium and many more. Imagine, if one grain of green beans contains so many nutrients, then how many nutrients that will be earned by our body when consumed in large quantities.

After being briefed on the content of nutrients contained in green beans, on this occasion will also be given information about the benefits of green beans for health. Here are some benefits of green beans for health, as for them are as follows:

Green Beans for Health Benefits

Treating and Preventing Anemia
Green beans contained within the iron content is quite a lot. The iron content has the ability to help the formation of red blood cells that can treat and prevent anemia.

Maintaining Healthy Skin
In the green beans are also vitamin E content which serves to maintain healthy skin by protecting the skin from free radical damage.
In order for all the nutritional content and benefits of green beans do not disappear when consumed, it is important to prepare or cook it in a way that is good and right. Advised not to do the boiling process green beans too long because it can damage all the nutrient content contained therein. Doing boiling green beans with a long time can also reduce the freshness of taste.
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Digestive System launched
Have previously been shown that in the green beans are the fiber content. The fiber content is useful to nourish the digestive organs so that the digestive system in the body to be smooth.

Adding Energy
Fiber and carbohydrates in green beans can be used to increase the energy needed by the body, so that green beans can be processed into a healthy breakfast menu.

Lose weight
Green beans have a low calorie content, so it can be used as one component of a healthy diet. In addition, green beans also have a glut of properties and delay hunger.

Both for mother and fetus
Green beans contained in the folic acid content and high calcium. Both of these contents has the ability to nourish the mother and fetus.

High Protein Sources
It can be ascertained that the green beans have a high protein content. When consumed regularly green beans can meet protein intake required by the body.

While soy has many health benefits for the body, but still recommended to always consume them in reasonable portions. Consuming green beans in excessive amounts can cause health problems.

The reason, according to the website in green beans contained oxalic acid content. The oxalic acid content can be crystallized in the urinary tract, so it is advisable to consume green beans with sage. If you have a medical history of urinary tract stone disease, are advised not to consume green beans or other food containing oxalic acid.

In order to avoid urinary tract stone disease, just enough fluid intake needed by the body by drinking water 6-8 cups daily. The way it is useful to expedite excretion of urine and is useful for maintaining healthy kidneys and urinary tract.

To make the green bean porridge, prepare the green beans soak overnight the day before and then simmer to boil, then remove from heat.
Water boiled very good to eat so do not get thrown away, it is better if consumed without milk. See also love your body with healthy food

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