Content of Cassava Leaves Benefits And Benefits

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Benefits of Cassava Leaves

Benefits of Cassava Leaves - Native to Indonesia of course, already familiar with cassava. Cassava is one kind of plant that is widely grown by farmers in the country. From the bulbs until the leaves, this plant can be used for human life. Bulbs tree is known as cassava, which is kind of tuber timber can be processed into a variety of scrumptious food. As for the trunk can be used as firewood and can be replanted by way of cuttings.

how the leaves, Just like cassava, cassava leaves can also be consumed into a variety of delicious dishes such as pan-fried, boiled as fresh vegetables and can also be cooked into lodeh and ointment. When compared, the nutrient content in cassava leaves no less with the content contained in vegetables in general.

Based on information taken from, cassava leaves have a nutrient content consisting of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and others. In addition, cassava leaves have lower levels of calories and fat. In the 100 grams of cassava leaves contained about 37 kcal calories and fat content are as much as 1.9 grams.

Not only to insufficient intake of nutrients needed by the body, nutrition in it is also very beneficial for health. To find more information, the following will be given information about the benefits of cassava leaves for the health of the body. This is the purpose of cassava leaves for the health of the body, some of which is accessible from

Benefits of Cassava Leaves

Helping The regeneration of cells
In the cassava leaves are essential amino acids that are useful for regenerate cells in the human body. The amino acid content is one of the proteins that can help improve the body's cells are damaged so that it can function again.

Increase Metabolism System
The content of vitamin B contained in the cassava leaves are needed to help increase the metabolic system in the body to remain optimal.

Digestive System launched
Not only has the ability to provide energy, fiber content which is owned by Cassava leaves are also useful for the digestive system so that the digestive organs to be healthy and free from disease.

Energy sources
The content of essential amino acids and fiber contained in the cassava leaves can help to provide a source of energy needed by the body to move.

Prevent Anemia
A number of nutrients contained in the cassava leaves have the ability to produce red blood cells and contribute to the blood circulation, so that the body free from disease anemia or lack of blood.

Launched Blood Circulation
The content of antioxidants and amino acids contained in the cassava leaves a role for blood circulation which carries oxygen to be circulated throughout the body. Thus, all the organs of the body can work optimally.

Counteracting Free Radical
Just like other vegetables, cassava leaves also contain an antioxidant that acts to counteract the free radicals caused by sun exposure. Thus, the skin will be protected and free from the risk of skin cancer.

Besides being rich in nutrients and has many benefits for health, cassava leaves also priced quite cheaply. With two thousand rupiah money, we can get on the market cassava leaves. Another case, if living in rural areas because we can pick it in his garden directly by a license from the owner.

Will remain cassava leaves is not recommended to be consumed in excessive portion, especially for people suffering from hypertension. Consuming excessive cassava leaves can increase blood pressure or hypertension. Blood pressure that is too high will make the body at risk for heart disease and stroke. Therefore, consume wisely cassava leaves. If you want to consume for healthy food, preferably boiled to make as fresh vegetables and should not be consumed with milk because it will increase the risk of gout.

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