Bananas Ambon benefits for pregnant women

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Bananas Ambon benefits for pregnant women

Bananas ambon for pregnant women - Who does not know this one fruit is banana. Has a sweet taste and the meat is solid and has many benefits. Besides bananas are very easily found and acquired. One type of banana mainstay of Indonesia in the Netherlands is the banana. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, bananas have many benefits for health, beauty and for pregnant women. Now we will discuss what it means to exist in the banana fruit for pregnant women.

Benefits of bananas for pregnant women:

Prevent and decrease swelling naturally
During pregnancy women experience swelling of the limbs such as legs. This is partly caused by insufficient potassium. According to an American study, they revealed that the fulfillment of the potassium levels in pregnant women can reduce the swelling that occurs during pregnancy.

Increased appetite of pregnant women
The content of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in bananas can help pregnant women to be healthy and have the desire to eat. Preferably daily pregnant women eat bananas, to always have a better appetite.

Getting a baby boy
Indeed, there is no certainty it is therefore beyond our control. However, according to a study conducted in Inggri, they studied 750 women who are pregnant for the first time and find the relationship between diet and the sex of the baby. In height levels of potassium, calcium, and sodium says will be correlated to form a baby boy. Well, the banana is a fruit that contains high potassium.

Boost the immune system
Many women during pregnancy decreases her body's immune system, because basically everyone has an immune system that is different. The content of vitamin A for pregnant women, vitamin B6, and vitamin C to pregnant women who exist on banana believed to increase levels of antibodies in the body to avoid the various kinds of infections and viruses. Not only that, there is a study that says that chemical compounds found in bananas could inhibit the development of the HIV virus in the body.

Helps the treatment of hypertension
For a patient of hypertension is recommended to consume bananas. Bananas contain potassium which serves to regulate heart function, blood pressure, nerve and muscle activity. In addition potassium compounds are also useful to regulate the balance of fluids and electrolytes, so that the blood pressure is always under normal conditions. Not only potassium, fiber content in bananas is also able to bind fat in the blood vessels.

The energy source
Pregnant women often feel weak and exhausted, therefore it is very good at eating bananas. Because the banana fruit has 3 types of natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. The sugar content can convert the energy very quickly.

Improve mood / Mood Booster
The content of vitamin B6 for pregnant women and tryptophan in bananas, have a very important role to form the hormone serotonin. This hormone serves to set the mood and calms the brain. Pregnant women are very vulnerable to emotional changes, to address this should banana consumption.

Relieves pain
Bananas can also be used as a herbal medicine pain relief in pregnant women. Abortion can relieve mild pain, such as joint pain or cause of frequent headaches that often occur in pregnant women.

treating anemia
Anemia or lack of blood is a disease which causes the sufferer to feel weak and listless. It happened because the number of red blood cells in the body under normal lines. The content of the benefits of iron for pregnant women in high enough bananas so good for anemia in pregnant women in particular by increasing the red blood cells in the body.

High folic acid content
Nutritionists highly recommend that pregnant women eating bananas especially bananas. It is said because the bananas are natural folic acid that is easily absorbed by the fetus through the womb. The benefits of folic acid is absorbed by the fetus serves to assist the development of the brain and spinal cord of the fetus. If a pregnant woman folic acid deficiency, it will lead to paralysis, brain damage, to be a great risk of miscarriage.

ORS can serve as a natural
Usually when a pregnant woman he lost a lot of fluid. In the conservative treatment, lost electrolytes will use materials that are salty. Well, it turns bananas can be experienced ORS because the content of potassium contained in the green banana. Not only is it by eating bananas can also condense the event of acute diarrhea stool.
Reduce nausea and vomiting

When the morning often feel nausea to vomiting, this occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, in other words the first 3 months. Bananas can be consumed at the stage of pregnancy for morning sickness reduced.

Banana can be taken every day for a reasonable amount and not excessive. Recommended a banana can be consumed as much as 1 to 2 pieces per day, can be consumed after or before a meal. Would say do not consume excessive bananas, because bananas have a calorie content of about 85-100 calories per fruit. It will cause various disorders such as obesity, lowering the endurance and increase the risk of diabetes. See also banana very good for pregnant women

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