Pain Solution When Sex

Friday, June 17, 2016
Pain When Love

Pain solution when sex - Making love most activities you should wait a couple. But that desire can be destroyed if the mind is haunted by the trauma of pain that is often felt when having sex. Dyspareunia is a technical term to describe the pain, whether related to physical and psychological factors.

If you have this disorder, do not hesitate to consult with a doctor to find out the root cause and determine the appropriate treatment. However, you should first know some of the causes of pain during sex below.

There are several solutions for vaginal dryness, such as hormone therapy, adequate intake of saturated fat in the diet, as well as adequately hydrated. But should not use spray vaginal moisturizer because it will remove the natural moisture of the vagina. Instead, use natural products, and artificial water-based lubricants. Sessions adequate heating also helps improve lubrication of the female sex organs.

Vulvodinia is a syndrome that causes the vagina to become hypersensitive. This is due to a fungal infection that too often. Usually, doctors recommend steroid treatment. Meanwhile, to prevent it, get used to eating healthy foods, including probiotic that can fight infection. As well as important to keep the vagina clean and dry.

Lichen sclerosis
Lichen sclerosis is growing thin white skin over your skin, so that the impression like fillings. Lichen sclerosis that occurs in the vagina will cause the activities of sex becomes painful. This condition can be treated with topical steroids. However, you should consult a physician first.

dry vagina
Lack of vaginal lubrication is a classic problem experienced by women who lack estrogen levels. Body decreased estrogen levels during pregnancy, menopause, and breast cancer treatment in the future. Besides vaginal dryness is also associated with more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases are rare, Sjogren's syndrome.

Family planning pills
The use of birth control pills can cause pain during sex, even if only in some people. Pill increases levels of sex hormone binding globulin that can bind to free testosterone and lead to vaginal atrophy. The solution is to stop taking the pills or take medication balancing hormone levels.

In some cases, the pain is felt during sex caused by pelvic floor muscles are tensed, known as vaginismus. The solution is to perform pelvic floor physical therapy as well as a long foreplay.
deep pain
Deep pain during sex can be caused by several factors, among others, cancer, endometriosis, fibroids and polycystic ovary syndrome. The earlier treated the more likely to recover. Then immediately contact your doctor if you experience it.

ill while
If the pain is felt only temporary, may cause related to your menstrual cycle. In addition, it could be related to the sex positions you are uncomfortable or caused by a strained personal relationship with a partner. See also Knowing women being pumped

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