Tips to Overcome Natural Skin Broken Leg - Broken

Monday, July 11, 2016
Tips to Overcome Natural Skin Broken Leg - Broken
broken leg
Overcoming skin broken leg - broken or cracked heel problems often experienced by many people who usually lead to a lack of confidence can arise even pain. Cracked heels usually occur during hot weather conditions such as drought. Sometimes due to lack of hygiene and care for some people.

If we're mencara how to cope with a broken leg following are some of the ways to eliminate them. Below is how to overcome the heel breaks or ruptures with traditional natural materials that are all around us.

The first material that can overcome the broken leg is naturally olive oil. The trick is to first heat the olive oil. Then apply and do massage on the heel and the surrounding areas. Do it slowly and evenly up to about 16 minutes. Very nice if this is done every night before going to sleep on a regular basis. The result can be seen as real in the morning.

Here are the natural tips to overcome foot skin broken - broken:


Lime is one ingredient that is often used as an ingredient in cosmetics, skin care and beauty. Lemon also have properties fining rough heels and cracked. The way is to cut the lemon in half and rub the inside of the orange on the heel evenly.

Warm soak with salt water

Take 3 spoons and larutakan with warm water in the basin. Then soak the feet about 10 minutes while rubbing the heel is broken, use a pumice stone to rub the foot to obtain maximum results.

Butter Scrub White

How to cope with broken legs next is deng assistance white butter and sugar. Mix the butter with the sugar white sand and apply on the heel of your foot is broken and rough as when applying a skin moisturizer.

The next way is with the help of cucumber where fruit is indeed very good in moisturizing dry skin. The trick is to menghluskan cucumber taste. Spread evenly on the heel while massaging it and leave for 10 minutes. Beersih Rinse with water and dry with a towel.

Always keep away, do not stay long with terlanjang leg while in a dry and moist and make sure also barefoot when washing clothes with detergent. So a few tips on how to cope with a broken leg with materials that are around us. See also Tips to Overcome Natural Skin Broken Leg - Broken

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