Fast And Natural Tips For Acne

Friday, July 08, 2016
Fast And Natural Tips For Acne

Tips on how to overcome acne naturally and quickly - Many people ask how to get rid of acne naturally fast using natural ingredients. I need to emphasize that there is no natural way to get rid of acne in one day or overnight. However, if applied regularly of course the natural way that will give the best results only a few days after application. Acne itself is a skin problems most often encountered. Now before I explain how to get rid of acne fast, I want to clarify some important issues related to the acne first.

There are so many problems that appear on the face us, one of them is facial acne. Acne makes us confident when we were hanging out with a friend - our friend. I just wanted to really cover our faces while hanging out with your friends - we are not to be seen.

For now itself has a lot of products - beauty products on the market to eliminate acne from your face with varying prices. But do not you see how much it costs, but quality. However, for myself, I prefer the natural way to remove acne from your face, why? Because the natural way is more secure than a product - a product of beauty that many in the market. Product - the product if it does not match our face, instead will damage the skin. Well, here I will share how to get rid of acne fast.

Acne is a condition in which the skin pores clogged and lead to the emergence of pockets of pus inflamed. Acne is divided into three types namely blackheads, pimples usual, and also cystic acne. Acne on our skin can be caused due to various factors. Some of these factors include namely because the dead skin cells, drug use, excessive oil production, cosmetics, bacteria, and many more. How to get rid of acne by squeezing is not the right way because the action can actually damage the skin tissue and skin layers, so it can leave acne scars.

Here are tips to overcome acne:

Separate the first yolk and egg white. After that grab the egg white and apply on your face. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse your face with water.

Aloe vera
Choose fresh aloe vera then peeled and grab his gel. After that, apply the aloe vera gel on the pimple, wait a while and then clean. You can apply this way every morning and evening.

Sliced ​​tomatoes it can get rid of acne, how pretty with sliced ​​tomatoes with the sheer size and then stick the slices on your skin acne. Paste for 20-30 minutes and then wash your face with water.

With a banana skin
First consider first whether your acne is already inflamed or not. If you can not inflamed rubbing a banana skin in white or directly on the face gently and thoroughly.

If pimples are already inflamed, you can destroy banana skin first, then add 1 teaspoon of honey. Once well blended and then make a face mask.

Rose water and sandalwood powder
Namely how to mix 1 tablespoon of rose water with 2 tablespoons of powdered sandalwood. Once well blended and then apply a mixture of both natural ingredients on your face. Let stand for 20-25 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can apply this way of three days.

It is very easy, by smoothing garlic to taste, then apply on the skin which are acne. Once applied and let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Treating acne with lime juice
Not only for eye care and to moisturize the skin only. This fruit also can you utilize to eliminate existing acne and scars on the face you. Cut some lemon juice, then squeeze the water up to quite a lot. Apply the water contained into the acne and scars on your face, then let stand for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. Do not be surprised if at first you feel sore smearing on your face, it is the effect of lemon juice to relieve itching and acne scars on your face.

Eliminate acne with egg white
For those of you who are not disgusted with tips that you should try this one. The trick, break a few eggs and separate the yolk and the egg white. Take the egg white, shake - shake briefly and apply on your face. Before rinsed, set aside in advance about - about 10-15 minutes.

Treating acne with Cucumber
Cucumber is a vegetable that contains lots of water, if consumed, can prevent dehydration. Additionally cucumber contains substances such as: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, iron, etc., which is also good for skin health.

Lemon and honey
Prepare 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Combine both ingredients until well blended, then apply on the acne or the entire face. Once applied and let stand for 30 minutes or until dry. The last step is by rinsing the face with water.

with honey
Quite easy, you just smear honey over the surfaces of the face with his hand. After that, let stand for 30 minutes then wash your face with warm water. Apply 2 times a day on a regular basis in order to pimples disappear fast.

Using toothpaste
Before applying it first set up a toothpaste-shaped pasta (eg Pepsodent), do not use toothpaste gel (for example, close up). Namely how apply toothpaste on the pimple, apply this way at night when going to bed and leave it until morning. When the morning remove the toothpaste from your face with water.

Additionally there are some things that should be your field in this issue are:

Do not break the acne
Many people are itchy hands if you have acne and eager to solve it. However, it was not the right way, while it is not time to solve acne broken instead it will make your acne scars spread multiplying and difficult to remove. Especially if you solve this acne condition dirty hands, would be more severe.

Cleaning the face regularly
Cleaning the face regularly is a must if you do not want acne. By regularly cleaning your face, you've killed and reduces germs that cause acne. Not only avoid acne only, you also will be spared the face of blackheads, so the aura your face look more fresh and bright cheery.

Enough sleep
Not many people know if one of the causes of acne is stress and lack of sleep. Therefore, so that your face to avoid acne then sleep enough. With enough sleep, the metabolism in our bodies will be organized, so that acne and acne scars will fade. You need to remember, too, that if you are deprived of sleep, then the disease is already waiting in line to meet another party in your body.

That some How to Eliminate Acne and scars. Perhaps You also have tips or questions related to this, for that, I beg to write in a comment below. A few tips from me, may be useful for you. See also Benefits of aloe vera

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