3 Natural Tips To Treat Swollen Gums

Monday, July 11, 2016
Natural Tips To Treat Swollen Gums
swollen gums
Tips for overcoming swollen gums - Swollen gums is an infection or inflammation of the gum tissue, which is characterized by swelling of the gums, redness and even fester. The cause is bacteria in the oral cavity and then infect the tooth and if continuously will cause tartar.

The symptoms of swollen gums including pain, bad breath, discomfort in the mouth. Some things that can lead to swollen gums include oral hygiene is not maintained properly, eating too much sweet food, lack of vitamin C, an infection of the tooth, and bias as well as the use of brackets is not appropriate. Actually, this can be prevented by good personal hygine on everyone.

There are some natural remedies or natural to do for you suffering from swollen gums. However this is just to reduce pain, not heal completely. More precisely, this is the beginning of treatment or treatment to reduce pain when swollen gums.

How to treat swollen gums naturally, a way that can be done to reduce pain / pain in swollen gums are:

1. Salt
Besides salt serves to cook, it can also serve to reduce pain in swollen gums. It is very easy, which is quite dissolve one cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt. Then use the solution to rinse his mouth.

2. The betel leaf
As we know, that the betel leaves is very much beneficial. Besides useful in beauty products, betel leaves are also one of them may relieve pain in swollen gums. The trick: prepare 5 betel leaves and then add a little turmeric and salt to taste. Pour a glass of hot water on these ingredients and mix well. Then let stand until the water is warm. Use water to rinse. Do this three times a day.

3. Drink plenty of water
Drink lots of water. White water here can be useful to reduce the bacteria in the oral cavity. Water
we can also replace the function of saliva or saliva is reduced when swollen gums.

Thus three ways to treat swollen gums naturally with ingredients easily found and safely be tried at home. See also Simple Tips To Treat Thrush

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