4 Tips to Overcome Natural Stomach Acid Up

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Tips to Overcome Natural Stomach Acid Up
gastric acid
Natural tips to overcome stomach acid up - Digestive Health problems often affects most people, one of them is the problem of gastric acid. Pain nausea or heartburn is one indication of anything wrong with stomach acid in your body.

Gastric acid is one of the substances that are important for the digestive system. Stomach acid is needed to kill the bacteria and the radical evil that exist in the eat,. However, if the increase in the amount of stomach acid above the normal range then the stomach will experience pain nausea or heartburn.

Since the days of our ancestors were already developing traditional medicines overcome various illnesses, one of which is the problem of gastric acid. Recipes to make a decoction high stomach acid from generation to generation until today still proved to be very effective to overcome the classic disease. Here are some traditional medicines are very powerful stomach acid from natural ingredients.

4 tips to overcome natural stomach acid up is as follows:

1. Bananas
Traditional medicine next gastric acid is known tasty bananas and lots of nutrients. This fruit can be a natural antacid by coating the walls of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract that are not irritated by stomach acid.
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However, be reminded that not all match gastric acid disorders treated with bananas. In some people, bananas can actually worsen the pain of stomach acid.

2. Aloe vera
Aloe vera can work as traditional medicine by means of gastric acid in the stomach to relieve inflammation, such as only relieve inflammation in the esophagus (gullet). Strongly recommended to drink half a glass of aloe juice before meals to Reviews those who frequently experience acid reflux. The side effects to be aware of aloe vera is a laxative properties could roomates increase of the frequency of bowel movements.
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3. Ginger
Traditional medicine stomach acid first is ginger. Plant the rhizome is very helpful for people with acid reflux. You can make a ginger that warms the body. Add ginger as a spice in cooking the foods that increase the risk of stomach acid.

But keep in mind, the consumption of ginger should be in the right dose. Avoid taking 2-4 grams of ginger a day, as it may aggravate chest pain due to stomach acid.

4. Turmeric
Still in the category of plants that turmeric rhizome, the roots are rich in health-giving properties. How to make a traditional herb turmeric stomach acid from fairly easy way. Select several sections of turmeric nice, then rinse thoroughly and peel the husk. Grated turmeric is clean and squeeze the juice into the glass. Add honey to improve the taste of the drink. This herb drink every morning and evening routine. In addition to shredding, you can also make-tea turmeric cut turmeric roomates in pieces and soaked in hot water or brewed.

Similarly, some natural ingredients known as traditional medicine stomach acid.

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