Tips For Anti-Cellulite Massage

Sunday, July 10, 2016
Tips For Anti-Cellulite Massage
Massage tips for cellulite - Cellulite, sometimes called orange peel, is a disorder that affects many women regardless of age and their weight. This usually occurs because of poor circulation, so that arose cellulite.

Therefore, it is very important to do the exercises and massage frontally to attack this anti-cellulite. Massage disorder is very easy to do at home. The most important thing in any case, is the consistency in the application. Then it can show how the basic massage is done and those that focus on specific areas, and combined with a gel and cream in order to maximize results.

Remove cellulite with a massage using a special cream

You can do a massage to certain areas with cellulite gel or lotion (which can be purchased in stores) with the aim of breaking up the fat molecules are gradually, and thus eliminate them in a natural way.

First, there must be a touch of the finger is flexible, not tense. The idea is to enable this section to start irrigating the blood. Then you start working with a cream that is applied by massaging the right massage techniques to combat localized fat and cellulite. The duration can exceed five minutes, but, as self-massage, we must be careful not to stress another area or to reach a state of exhaustion.

Place the cream in a hand and make a rubbing up and down, palms outstretched.

The basic procedure anti cellulite massage

- Wash / rinse part to be massaged with warm water, because it allows the opening of the pores and give a more responsive.
- Then dry the interior so that the surface is dry, then start applying the lotion or oil.
- Apply pressure / massage in a circular motion for about 20 minutes.
- After that, make what is known as "emptying cellulite", movements which press down and straight in the areas most affected by the cellulite, do it for 20 minutes. In this way, fat dissolved, so it will be easier to eliminate cellulite.
- Do this gently because if the pressure is too strong, it can irritate the area.

In addition to massages which we have discussed above, for menghilanngkan cellulite can also be done by drinking two or more liters of water per day and avoid salt and foods high in sodium because it can stimulate fluid retention.
You should also eat plenty of vegetables and fruits; cook meat or fish grilled or roasted; Do not smoke or drink coffee; do not wear tight clothing to not impede blood circulation and wear comfortable shoes and socks, and others.

People with severe circulatory problems should consult with your doctor before making an anti-cellulite massage to better suit the best treatment.

Thus eliminating cellulite with anti-cellulite massage. Please you can try it at home. See also Bananas Ambon benefits for pregnant women

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